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Plan Toys Offers

Listen up folks!  This aint your average backstreet market sale, these are quality wooden and eco toys from our favourite brands like Plan Toys and I’m Toy.  We’ve brought you some fantastic prices on some of our most popular toys and some limited stock special offers.  When they’re gone, they really are gone!  My favourite has to be the Build ‘n Roll marble run which is a pretty substantial piece of kit and the bits all interchange with the plan construction kits too (also on offer).  Plan Toys road systems won’t be available to buy in the UK soon which is a real shame but that means we’ve got some fantastic prices on Plan road and rail, , in particular the road system deluxe  stands out for me.  Oh I wish I was a little boy again 🙂

There’s lots of toys for £10 and under so if you’re looking for some little gifts then have a browse.

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  1. And this sale section is still going strong (much to my relief)! Do you plan to have a sale section all year round (stock change and demand permitting), or seasonally?

  2. Cool glad I had a reason to look through all the back posts of this blog. The under £10 bit looks like it has a lot of good stocking fillers.

  3. Thanks Peter! Hopefully you’ll have a nice turnover of new stock in the sale section all year round, then 🙂

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