Bajo Wooden Toys: Introducing New Toys for 2021

We love Bajo wooden toys here at Babipur and probably don’t shout about them enough! These top quality toys are made in Poland from sustainably sourced European hardwoods. They focus on excellent timeless design and environmental responsibility.

From educational toys and puzzles, to sensory toys for early years development, Bajo’s toys stand the test of time to be handed down to siblings and friends. Bajo’s team of master designers create toys that are not only beautiful to look at but are durable and promote creativity and openended play.

This years new toys show the same design flair and stunning quality we love from Bajo toys. However, this year there’s an added focus on core environmental ideas. Many of these new toys are designed to raise awareness of today’s world challenges. This includes themes around biodiversity loss, climate change and the loss of pollinators. Teaching children to be environmentally conscious and growing up to be planet-friendly adults through playful ideas.

There are some great open-ended puzzles to promote creativity and problem solving. With some beautiful new mythical creatures pieces by sister brand Tobe that will be loved by both children and adults. Let’s take a look at our top picks from this years amazing Bajo toy range.

Bajo Rainbow Blocks

Bajo Wooden Toys Rainbow Blocks

The apparent simplicity of these beautiful rainbow blocks reveals a really clever design. This rainbow is made up of 6 concentric arches of increasing radius in the colours of the rainbow. Each arch is then split into an increasing number of segments. The small purple semi-circle at the centre is one block, the next blue arch two blocks, the green arch three blocks and so on … creating a challenging 3D puzzle that explores geometry and mathematical concepts in a hands-on way.

At its heart though is a set of colourful blocks that can be stacked in all kinds of ways. From pyramids to walls and enclosures. This wonderful block set is perfect for learning through play, from fine motor skills, to colour recognition, to more complex mathematical ideas.

Bajo Fantasy Animal Puzzles

Bajo Fantasy Animals Puzzles

Three new 3D puzzles from Bajo on a mythical creatures theme, a dragon, sphinx and Pegasus. Each part of this puzzle has an abstract geometric design making it interchangeable. They have Bajo’s signature abstract patterns and colours printed on both sides. Slot the parts together to form the fantasy animal or let your imagination run wild and create a creature of your imagination.

These 3D puzzles combine brilliantly to create bigger and more complex designs. Perfect for exploring problem solving and creative thinking with many possibilities for learning through play. The Bajo Fantasy Animal Puzzles are a great play resource for home educators and early years settings.

Bajo Abstract Art Puzzle

Bajo Abstract Art Puzzle

The Bajo Abstract Art Puzzle is one of those toys I really want on my desk. Its appeal will cross all age ranges. These are similar to the Fantasy Animal Puzzles, and made from beautifully printed top quality plywood. Each part slots together to form a 3D work of abstract art.

Each part of this puzzle has an abstract geometric and organic design inspired by modern artists such as Kandinsky. Colourfully decorated with different patterns in bold shades. Slot the parts together to form a 3D abstract sculpture. Or try using as a 2D base to inspire creative work on paper, exploring shape, colour, pattern and design. This puzzle will appeal to children but would also make a wonderful gift for adults to spark creativity and inspiration for art lovers everywhere.

3ple Stacking Cars

Bajo 3ple Stacking Cars

Bajo has redesigned a classic toy with their own unique design style with the 3ple Stacking Cars. These three cars differ in shape and size and can be stacked in a variety of different ways. Brightly coloured and with cool geometric patterns on their wheels, where the wheels touch they turn in opposite directions depending on how they are stacked.

This is a mesmerising little toy that children will love, playing with each car independently or in a stacked combination. We love the bright colours and stylish design, and a fun way to explore simple laws of cause and effect.

Endangered Animal Figures

This series of endangered animals figures has been created to highlight the biodiversity crisis we are currently facing. These chunky figures are beautifully designed and painted in a colourful folk art style, representing our long relationship with the natural world.

Each piece is a little work of art and inspires conversations into some of our most iconic animal species and the challenges they face. Children will love them for small world play, include them in story sacks and for stacking. These endangered animals are available separately to collect, and presented in their own box, making a beautiful and thoughtful gift with an important message.

Wild Animals Sets

Wooden animal sets are always popular toys, and we love these two new wild animal sets brought out by Bajo this year. The Forest animal set has a range of wild animals found in the forests of Europe including squirrels, wild boar, bear, deer and wolf, with minimal painted details on the natural wood. The Jungle set contains everyone’s favourite wild animals from the jungles and savannahs across the world. These include the elephant, lion, giraffe, crocodile and monkey.

These sets are brilliantly thought out, being proportional in size and different thicknesses, and in a modern graphic style. These sets combine perfectly together so are perfect for mixing and matching your favourite animals. Another clever design feature is the box which doubles up as a play scene, cut it out and create a landscaped backdrop for small world play.

Puzzle Sorters

Again with a focus on biodiversity, Bajo have designed two stunning new shape sorting puzzles for younger children or toddlers that look equally as beautiful on the playroom shelf. The Whale Family sorter has 7 different species of whale. They can be used as a puzzle but also played with independently in stacking games and imaginative play. A great way to learn and recognise the different members of the whale family from their shapes, sizes and forms.

The World of Butterflies is a wonderfully colourful puzzle sorter with 8 different butterflies from around the world. Exploring the diverse forms of these beautiful insects, this puzzle shows the symmetry and vibrant colours and patterns of different butterflies. Each side has a different pattern and colour, just like the real insect. Both these sorters would make fabulous decorations, as well as great educational toys.

Bajo World Balancing Game

Bajo World Balance Game

We love a balancing game at Babipur Towers, and this new one from Bajo will keep everyone entertained. The Bajo World Balance Game includes 10 wooden figures, each colourful and unique, and a semi-circle balancing platform. Each character is different with a variety of colours and pattern clothes, and in different positions making it a fun challenge to balance them.

Children and adults alike will enjoy the quirky design, and trying to build on the rocking semi-circle and balance their weight. Bajo sense of fun combines with a moral tale in this game, we are all different but work best when we support each other, especially when the world gets rocky!

The Hive Wooden Blocks

The Hive Wooden Blocks are going to be a hit with all who love these complex and fascinating creatures. Honey bees, and pollinators in general are facing catastrophic decline. Developing an understanding and love for these vital insects is essential for our future survival. The hive can be a mysterious place, but this set of hexagonal blocks that slot together helps to reveal the life within the colony.

Each block represents a different element within the hive. With honey cells, worker bees, eggs, larvae, drones (male bees) and of course the queen. All the elements have to work together to form a working hive. Use them to create amazingly complex 3D structures. We think this toy is going to be a big hit with both children and adults. It will make a fantastic learning resource for early years settings and home educators.

Push and Pull Toys

This year Bajo have produced some beautiful push and pull toys this year adding to their range for toddlers. These include the stylish Unicorn and colourful Squirrels. Both have a wonderful jumping or galloping action when they are pulled and pushed along, making them really beautiful sensory toys.

We love the simple modern style of the unicorn, with the jingling bells in its mane and simple colour palette. For those that love a splash of colour then the colourful folksy feel of the squirrels is a lot of fun. These are really classic toys that will be loved by generations of children.

Mythical Creatures by Tobe

The younger sister of Bajo, Tobe is made in the same factory and sharing the same top ethical standards. Tobe bring together top designers to create unique and beautiful toys. The Tobe mythical creatures really are a bit special. Beautifully designed in natural wood and super tactile, they will appeal to adults as well as children.

Tobe have created the stunning Pegasus in two different woods. Sycamore, a naturally white wood with a light grain, and a limited edition black oak version, with the dark wood making a really iconic and stunning toy. Pose them in different positions with their moveable legs, making majestic silhouettes with its clean lines. Children will love the sensory differences in touch from the warm smooth wood, to the soft felt wings and the bristly tail.

Tobe Yeti

The Tobe Yeti brings a sense of playfulness to this mythical creature of Himalayan folklore. Its kind features and oversized hands make this a loveable toy that will be a real favourite for imaginary play.

We hope you love this new toy selection from Bajo as much as we do! There’s some really classic pieces there and heirloom toys that will become firm favourites in the range. Let us know your favourites and don’t forget to tag us on social media with your top Bajo wooden toys.

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