Baby it’s cold outside!

Now’s the time for lots of outdoor winter fun

Wooden Toboggan Davos Snow Sledge

We’ve well and truly said goodbye to summer here at Babi Pur Towers. Instead of basking in warm sunlight flooding through the office windows, we’re listening to the gentle pitter-patter of rain on the roof.  And often, the onset of autumn can be just as strange for kids, as they suddenly find themselves stuck indoors rather than running around the garden and enjoying the sights, sounds and smells of summer.

But, winter doesn’t have to mean being glued to the television.  Here’s our great guide to outdoor winter fun that the whole family will love!


  •  Back to Nature – if the weather is cold but fine, take the family out on a nature walk in your local area. Even urban landscapes offer great opportunities to learn about the changing seasons and winter wildlife and enjoy some outdoor play time. Encourage your kids to take snaps and make notes so you can all research different plants and animal types when you get home.
  • Winter Garden – the end of summer doesn’t have to mean the end of gardening. Encourage kids to help you prepare the garden for winter by tidying up and even planting winter plants and veg. Get kids to make a “winter wildlife” area in the garden by piling up leaves and twigs to encourage insects and small animals to hide there. They can check it regularly to see what they can find.
  • Garden Games – now is a great time for fun outdoor games like hide and seek, ball games and frisbee if your garden’s large enough, because it’s not too hot and all that exercise will soon warm up cold kids!
  • Park Life – exploring your local parks with new autumn eyes is the key to outdoor play if it’s fine and dry. Get kids to notice how different the trees and plants look and spot animals like squirrels gathering their winter supplies.
  • Go local – find out what’s going on in your local area and take the kids out to enjoy the outdoors. Autumn and winter are great times for events like farmers markets, Christmas fairs, winter fun days and Santa events.
  • Wet Walks – Kids love to splash around in puddles, so don’t let the wet weather put you off heading for some outdoor winter fun. Wrap up in wellies and waterproofs and encourage kids to build shelters and splash about. It’ll be nice and quiet, and best of all you’ll need a warming hot chocolate when you get home!
  • Snow time – snow is magical for many kids as they don’t see it very often, so they will absolutely love playing in it. Whether it’s making snowmen, throwing snowballs or learning to sledge, a little bit of snow means a lot of outdoor winter fun for all the family!
Wooden Toboggan Davos Snow Sledge Weather experts are already predicting snowfall during November, December and January, so now’s the perfect time to order a beautiful wooden sledge so you’re all ready to go when the first snowflakes fall.

Here at Babi Pur we’re thrilled with our stunning traditional Davos wooden sledge that is handcrafted in Germany by winter fun experts! Made of solid beech, it’s a generous size and can happily accommodate up to 150kg in weight.

Sledges are in stock to buy online now at Babi Pur!


And don’t forget that we also stock a gorgeous range of cuddly fleeces, cosy hats and all the warm clothes and accessories kids need for lots of outdoor winter fun.


Happy winter!



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4 Responses

  1. Heidi says:

    We love exploring woodlands in the winter! Wrapping up nice and warm, taking a flask and some sandwiches and going leaf hunting! So much fun!

  2. Moobug says:

    As I already said on the FB page, the Winter Garden sounds like such a great idea. I might make my kids a scavenger hunt – the garden we have access to is spacious so we should make the most of it all year round!

  3. Rid says:

    You had me at outdoor!!! Those sledges look good. I don’t usually look at expensive sledges but I think I’d happily trade our tea tray in for one of these (not literally I don;t think you take payment in tea trays… or do you?)

  4. Lee Stockdale says:

    the sledges look great, can’t wait till our little man is older…..hwyl a sbri yn y eira 🙂

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