Babipur Instagram Challenge – Last Days of Summer!

Summer hols are drawing to a close in England and Wales, and the sun has gone on it’s holidays here at Babipur Towers – but the Babipur Challenge fun is carrying on!

The Prize

We’re giving away these Moon Picnic Leaves to one lucky winner!

The Prompts

🍁 16th Monday – Babipur Classroom

πŸ‚ 17th Tuesday – Spell Babipur

🍁 18th Wednesday – Babipur Sculpture

πŸ‚ 19th Thursday – Orangutan Day

🍁 20th Friday – Babipur Counting

πŸ‚ 21st Saturday – Babipur Ready for School

🍁 22nd Sunday – Sturgeon Moon

πŸ‚ 23rd Monday – Babipur Lunchbox

🍁 24th Tuesday – World Dog Day

πŸ‚ 25th Wednesday – Babipur Mosaic

🍁 26th Thursday – Design a Babipur Print

πŸ‚ 27th Friday – Babipur Book Club

🍁 28th Saturday – Create a Magical Forest

πŸ‚ 29th Sunday – First Signs of Autumn

To take part in this fortnight’s challenge…

1) Post your picture on IG
2) Your caption should Include information about the Babipur Instagram Challenge
3) Tag @babipur #BabipurChallenge #lovebabipur (posts must be from a public account so we can find you)
4) Follow @Babipur IG

Pob lwc!

As always post as many entries as you like through the fortnight, each one counts!

Post from 9am Monday (16th August UK time) to Midnight Sunday (29th August 2021 U.K. time)

Full T&Cs available on our website. Not endorsed by or associated with Instagram/Facebook

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