Babipur Hangout Challenge

Our popular weekly Babipur challenge over on Instagram is now on Facebook too!

We don’t like leaving anyone out and we’ve heard your calls from those who aren’t on Instagram. So here we go, we have the pleasure of introducing the new and exciting #hangoutchallenge for our Facebook group members. You can join our group here Babipur Hangout

What is the Hangout Challenge?

A chance to share your creative Babipur themed pictures. There are helpful daily prompts and a weekly giveaway prize for those who get involved too.

Simply enter by posting your picture in the Babipur Hangout FB group including the hashtag #hangoutchallenge in the text of your post. Weekly challenge details and daily prompts will also be posted in Babipur Hangout. The inaugural weeks winner will win a beautiful Grapat 7 moons set.

Just like our popular weekly challenge over on Instagram, the Facebook #hangoutchallenge will include daily themes which you can interpret in any way you like. Join in as many times as you like, and don’t worry about missing a day or two – each picture counts as an entry.

Encouraging creative play

We’ve had so many positive messages and comments about the Babipur Instagram challenge, you really enjoy taking part. It’s a chance to take a little time out, pause and share some creative time with our children. Rekindle some joy for an old toy that hasn’t been played with for a while, bring in some treasures you’ve collected from the beach.

The hashtags and prompts to look out for for the first challenge are as follows:

#MandalaMonday – Mandala means circle, so even if you don’t have any mandala pieces, get creative and show off your babipur inspired circles

#TinkertrayTuesday – Ignite your inner tinker and showcase your inviting trays of loose parts

#WobbelWednesday – be it a wobbelboard or a wobbly stack of nappies or toys – if it wobbles, it counts!

#ToyThursday – a favourite toy, a big build, a creative playscene – as long as it contains toys it’s a job well done!

#FluffFriday – perfect opportunity to show off fluffy bums, nappystash, wet bags, CSP, cloth wipes etc.

#StorysceneSaturday – bring your childrens favourite books to life!

and last but not least #ShelfieSunday – lets see how your arrange your BabiPur toys to keep them inviting and exciting!

Join our Facebook group Babipur Hangout here to take part.

Don’t forget the most important thing is to have fun and enjoy. Take a moment out of your busy day, get your little ones involved, create something new or take inspiration from others. You can enter every day or just once a week.

We cannot wait to see what you’ll all create!

Good luck!

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