Babi Pur Ultimate Christmas Toys

The handmade and ethical toys that are at the top of every child’s Christmas Wish list

We all remember an extra special Christmas present we received as a child; our first dolls house, train set, or shiny new bike all hold great memories of fun, excitement and a magical time.

In an age where computers or cheap foreign imports are filling the toy shops, at Babi Pur, we believe in a revival of great quality and traditional Christmas toys and gifts. We think they’re not only better for kids, who will be able to enjoy their beautiful and hard wearing designs for many years, but that the planet will also thank us for them.

We’ve been working hard to hand-pick some stunning traditional and ethical Christmas toys that kids, and grown-ups, will adore; and here’s our list of the best traditional Christmas toys. We give you…..

 Babi Pur’s Top 10 Ultimate Christmas Toys

Early Rider Classic 2-5 Years

1. The Bike

Being given their first bike is an important milestone for any child, and these brilliant Early Rider Classic Wooden Bikes will ensure it’s an extra special Christmas gift.

These cool balance bikes with chunky tyres and flame design are guaranteed to have any early rider brimming with confidence, without the need for clunky stabilisers.

Made and designed by a British engineering company, these bikes are timeless classics that all kids will love as their first bike. 

City - Plan Toys Parking Garage

2. The Wooden Play Garage

Both little and big kids will love this fabulous old fashioned Christmas toy with a bright and modern twist. In 2008 the Wooden Parking Garage by Plan Toys, won the Platinum Award at the Oppenheim fair, and was awarded an A+ rating from learning website

This brightly painted garage is simply designed but beautifully made. It has three floors with a ramp to connect each one, a helipad at the top and a working lift to get the cars up and down.

One car is included with a parking attendant figure, but why not check out our brilliant Parking Garage Saver packs? You can add matching accessories such as additional cars, roads, helicopters and rescue centres. 

Plan Toys My First Doll's House

3. Dolls House

For years to come, kids will adore this beautifully made First Doll’s House, so it’s the ideal traditional Christmas present. The open plan design means that children can access it from all sides and easily reach all the rooms; and the beautiful but simple finish means that kids can easily let their creativity shine across the house. Dolls houses are great for imaginative play and help kids with role playing and socialising.

They are made by the eco-friendly Plan Toys from sustainable rubber wood and without the use of toxic chemicals, paints or glues.

Price: £79.99

Furniture and dolls are not included, but available to buy separately. You can find our range of accessories here and at the moment you can get 20% off all Dolls House furniture and accessories when you buy My First Dolls House. Just enter discount code “doll” at the checkout

Lanka Kade Wooden London Bus

4. Fair Trade Wooden London Bus

Lanka Kade is a Sri Lankan fair-trade organisation that uses traditional production methods and we think their toys are some of the most beautiful and well crafted traditional and ethical Christmas toys around. The rubber wood used to make these toys comes from old rubber plantations that would otherwise have been set alight.

This adorable brightly coloured London bus will become a firm family favourite. The top and first floor even come apart so that kids can reach all the little people inside. It is beautifully crafted and brightly painted and will last for years to come.

Healthy Eating Kitchen and Market Stall

5. Wooden Play Kitchen & Market Stall

This colourful Wooden Kitchen & Market Stall by British traditional toy manufacturers Millhouse is sure to inspire children in the creative art of healthy living. It has loads of interactive features that kids will get stuck into.

On one side it’s a brilliant play kitchen and on the other it’s a colourful market stall, complete with baskets of fruit and veg. It even comes with some seed packets and compost so your budding gardeners can have a go at “grow-your-own”.

This great addition to a play room is made in Britain from sustainable wood with a durable and high quality finish. 

Pintoy Fire Station, Engine & Fighters

6. Fire Engine, Station & Firefighters

This fantastic Fire Engine, Station & Firefighter set will provide children with hours of fun.  The Fire Engine itself is a large toy with two ladders and fire hoses, there are four firefighters armed with walkie talkies, a megaphone and axes.  The Fire Station comes with its own furniture and a sliding pole means the Fire fighters can slide straight into action, into the Fire Engine and off the scene of the fire (or to rescue Mrs Jones’ cat)

The Fire Engine, Fire Station & Firefighters are also available to buy separately.

Alder Wood Play Kitchen Set

7. Alder Wood Toy Kitchen Set

This stunning Alder Play Kitchen Set is handcrafted for us in Germany, and we think it’ll be top of any child’s wish list!

It’s made from a beautifully coloured solid wood from local Alder trees and the quality is evident in the careful finish and quirky design. It’s a very special toy that will be handed down and loved for generations to come. 

Daisy Dolls Pram

8. Daisy Dollie Pram

The Daisy Dollie Pram by Millhouse is designed and manufactured in the UK.  It’ll make a lovely and cosy bed for a lucky dolly, and there’s also enough room to cart around blocks and toys too! A long lasting toy, we think it’s sure to be popular with little children and also babies taking their first steps

Haba Ball Master Building Set

9: Marble Run

The marble run is one of the oldest traditional Christmas toys, and one that provides hours of entertainment for kids of all ages as they work out new ways to send little glass marbles flying across the room.

Our Haba Marble Run Master Building Set is the absolute ultimate in marble run building. Kids will need all of their imagination, creativity and building skills to piece together this clever set. There are loads of great features like a zig-zag track and a musical tunnel. We’re hard pressed to decide whether it’ll be kids, or their parents, who will love it the most!

This marble run is beautifully designed and made in Germany using sustainable methods and materials.

Wooden Toboggan Davos Snow Sledge

10. The Ultimate Davos Wooden Sledge

If weather predictions for this year are true, then kids will get a lot of use out of this Classic Wooden Sledge/Toboggan. Sturdy, tough and a beautiful and simple design these sledges will hold up to 150kg, which is approx 2 average adults or three children.

Made in Germany, these beautiful sledges are one of the finest traditional Christmas toys that families will treasure for years. 


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  1. Alison Stamps says:

    pretty spot on list – I’d have gone for the Eco house with furniture and maybe not had two kitchens but a rag doll instead 🙂

    If only we could afford them all!!!

  2. Rid says:

    That’s one awesome bike. Nice to see flames and wood together. That’s a MAN’S bike.

  3. Moobug says:

    Sledges, bikes and kitchens… all in beautiful wood. Kids these days have the most beautiful toys available to them. I wish more people knew about you guys 🙂

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