BABI PUR baby shop opens in Porthmadog


Porthmadog is a town on the edge of snowdonia which lies in the most beautiful setting where mountains meet with the sea.  We are very proud to have opened our shop here in Porthmadog which is my home town.  We returned here after being living in the city almost 4 years ago when Harriet (our first daughter) was 7 months.  Harriet was the reason we moved back to Porthmadog as we wanted her to be brought up in a beautiful place surrounded by countryside, beaches and mountains.  We now have a second daughter Isabelle who’s 2 and all four of us are very happy and feel lucky to be living here.  Babi Pur is welsh for Pure Baby and started out as an online only shop back in April 2007.  It’s great to have a real shop now too so that we can showcase our wonderful toys, clothing and gifts for babies and children.

New shop details :

Babi Pur, 10 – 12 Bank Place, Porthmadog, Gwynedd LL49 9AA  Tel: 01766 515240  Email:

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2 Responses

  1. Sara says:

    It’s a lovely shop – I have visited twice. It’s bright and airy, with the products well displayed. It’s great to see the rocking sheep in real life too – the quality really shows.

    I’ll be visiting again soon – I will need nappy liners…and get tempted by the stock on show!

  2. Mrs Ward says:

    I recently visited the Babi Pur toy shop in Porthmadog. I was attracted in by the magnificent “Rocking Sheep” and the wonderful Dolls house in the window.

    My husband who’s a very skilled carpenter was very impressed with the wooden toys for sale in this shop. We bought a few Christmas presents for our Grandchildren which included a fantastic wooden fire engine and a wooden shopping trolley! We had been looking for a Fire engine for some time and had nearly bought one locally a few days earlier however the quality was no where near as good as the one we bought from the Babi Pur shop.

    This is a very beautiful shop. The old fashioned shop front has been painted in ‘sea side’ colours and the inside is all white, bright and airy.

    I shall be returning to this shop again before Christmas to collect a wooden train set and garage and I’m also hoping my husband will buy the Victorian Dolls house for me!

    10/10 for this wonderful ‘long awaited’ Porthmadog toy shop

    by a very impressed (youngish) Grandmother Ward

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