Around the World in 40 Days – Charity Fundraiser

Katherine from Team Babipur is taking on a cycling challenge to raise money for grassroots refugee projects!

Hello! Katherine from Team Babipur here! ? I’ve taken on a big challenge…. on Saturday 30th May I will be cycling 100 miles in a day to raise money for projects in Europe helping refugees.  Willow (7yo) & Archie (7yo) are also taking on the challenge and will be cycling 10 miles each too!

Thighs of Steel normally make HUGE effort to raise money for refugees in need by cycling from London to Athens. Their new campaign ‘AROUND THE WORLD IN 40 DAYS’, is to collectively rack up 24,901 miles through a team effort and abiding by lockdown restrictions.

These are difficult and uncertain times for everyone, especially the most vulnerable including refugees and displaced people.  Projects such as Khora, who provide 1500 meals a day by bike, foot and car to those in need are going to be hit massively from the coronavirus outbreak. The work to protect the people who are already being denied their most basic rights is more vital than ever.

Khora Athens – This community kitchen and cafĂ© space cooks hot nutritious food 5 days a week

Our little team is cycling around the Isle of Anglesey here in North Wales and would love your support to help the amazing work Thighs of Steel and Help Refugees facilitate around the world!

If you would like to donate and support the vital work of projects like Khora here’s a link to Willow & Archie’s fundraising page –

If you would like to join the campaign and pledge your own miles you can do that here!

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