And the winner is . . . .

Congratulations to Laura Walcot who has won our Christmas competition. ย Laura has won her Christmas shopping back and some nice vouchers too, well done.

Babi Pur Christmas Shopping Competition


  1. oh my, oh my…..i had to check if this was a joke. Ive never won anything before! Its real?! That is so exciting! Im up stitching at the moment and paused for an arm stretch…… Found myself checking my emails…….and what joy! Thank y…ou so much. My daughter will be leaping for joy when i tell her in the morning. Ok, so she will be two on boxing day and will probably not understand what it means. Though as i was cleaning the house today i did find her reading the plan toys booklet and she was scribbling in it. I shall run off and see if she has circled anything! ha ha. Hope you got some great publicity from the competition. You deserve it. The sales service you provide is outstanding. Thank you Babi Pur!

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