Alphabet Jigsaws – Fun Children’s Puzzles

Alphabet Jigsaws at Babi Pur

New in at Babi Pur are these lovely wooden jigsaws made by a small band of “jigsawteers” , also known as the Alphabet Jigsaw company.  Pictured above is the world map jigsaw which offers quite a challenge and really is stunning.  Colourful and fun and a great way to learn, we think these jigsaws are pretty fantastic.  There’s a range of jigsaws to challenge children of different ages, from simple number rows numbered 1 to 10 to the more complicated maps.

Alphabet Zoo

This Alphabet zoo is my personal favourite.  Each animal can stand up as a figure on it’s own and the letter on each one corresponds to the name of the animal, A for alligator, B for Bear and so on.  Really well thought out and clever offering different ways for children to play.

Each jigsaw is crafted by hand from sustainable wood and beautifully painted in bright colours.  We love the attention to detail!

Alphabet Jigsaws are available to buy now at Babi Pur, see the range here



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