A Moving Story

Once upon I time I wrote a post about putting our house on the market…….

Well, it sold in a week! But, its taken months and months for everything to go through with all sorts of legal hang ups, dodgy surveys etc. But I’m pleased to announce that on Tuesday we finally exchanged contracts – woop!

These past couple of weeks have been spent packing, and I’ve found it really really emotional. I’ve been in my little home for 10 happy years, and I’ve loved it all that time (and still do sob!). I have so manylovely memories connected to that house, including giving birth to little Nw right in the living room.

Packing the boys things has been the hardest part. They’ve been such happy chappies and you can’t help worry that they won’t settle in the new house, or that taking them away from their friends to a new village could be damaging. But I hope lot of love and cuddles will see us through.

And I’m trying to cheer myself up with nice thoughts about the future.  In our new house  the boys will have a bedroom each and a huge garden with lots of native trees to play about in. So everytime I shed a tear about what we’ll be leaving, I try and think about something we’ll be gaining -treehouses and dens are top of the list!

In the meantime, we have a month sleeping on friends floors, in caravans and holiday cottages while we wait to move in to the new place – a complete nightmare, but i’ve just got to keep thinking treehouses and dens, treehouses and dens! While we have no home we’ll have very little internet access so I hope you’ll forgive me if you don’t here from me in a few weeks.  Until then…xxxxxxxx

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2 Responses

  1. Emma Ann Scott says:

    Wow sold in a week – I really hope our house sells that fast – we are hoping to move next year to a bungalow ( health problems ) and to be closer to my parents .

    Good luck with the next few months – I’m sure it will all be worth it 🙂

  2. Vicki says:

    Moving is RUBBISH!! I won’t bore you with the grim details of our move…. But it is all worth it when you settle into the new place, good
    luck and hoe this month passes quickly, x

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