A Letter from Plan Toys

At Babi Pur we are committed to ethical, safe and sustainable toys!

Plan Toys have issued the following statement to their customers:

“Dear Valued Customers:
In response to the latest concern regarding the use of lead paint in the manufacture of toys, PlanToys would like to reassure all retailers and consumers that PlanToys are manufactured with the highest safety and environmental standards in mind. We build 100% of our products within our own factory, so we control the entire process from wood selection, to manufacturer, to shipping.




  • PlanToys is manufactured from recycled rubberwood
  • PlanToys uses a natural kiln dry process, in place of chemical treatment, to preserve and stabilize the wood, thus makes all PlanToys products preservative-free
  • PlanToys uses natural, water-based dies in place of any type of paint to add accent colors
  • PlanToys has won the following awards for safety, environmental sensitivity and innovative design:

    • ISO 9001
    • ISO 14000
    • OHSAS/TIS 18001
    • SA8000
    • ASTM & EN71
    • Parents’ Choice
    • Oppenheim Toy Portfolio
    PlanToys takes tremendous pride in providing safe toys that are manufactured with sensitivity toward our environment. For more information about PlanToys, please request a copy of the PlanToys Leaflet (item #84340), or contact our office at (866) 517-7526.
    Nittaya Zeugfang
    PlanToys, Inc. “


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