A Cloth Odyssey – Itti Bitti Tutto

Woo hoo! So its real nappy week, and a about time I shared a few more of my nappy experiences with you.

You may remember, some time ago, I started telling you about my cloth odyssey – the long journey into the world of cloth I’ve taken since the birth of my first son DW. So far I’ve told you about my terry seperates, flips, and Bumgenious v4’s. Now its time to share my thoughts on a new favourite ……………….


Itti Bitty Tuttos!

When this nappy arrived I fell in love. In bright purple minky fabric it was soft and silky and just downright adorable.

Having had a problem with leaky minky in the past, I pre-washed it loads of times then put it to the test, and what a test it turned out to be! It was one of those hectic days where you have a hundred and one places to be, never having time to stop for a change and time flies by.  Then I realised it had been over 5 hours since I’d put the Tutto on, and little Nw was still happy as larry with no leaks.  Amazing!

I’ve continued to love this nappy. I love the way it feels, the way it fits and the way it just keeps everything in. The only thing I don’t love is the complicated popper system which looks impossible when you first get going, but its not that bad really and the Babipur instruction video really helps. The only other problem I’ve experienced is that it seems to have shrunk a little when I accidentally stuck it in the dryer on hot.  Ooops!

But I love love love this nappy, and if I had the funds  I think I would be tempted to buy many many more.

Here are the pro’s and cons though:

1. Soft and lovely minky.
2. Great colours.
3. Great flexible fastening.
4. Leak proof.
5. Just to repeat in case I havent said it enough, lovely and soft!

1. Complicated fastner system.
2. Shrinks if you do something stupid like put it in the dryer on hot 🙁
3. A bit pricy compared to other nappies.

Do you own a Tutto?  What do you think?  Remember to leave your review on the Babi Pur site to be in with a chance of winning a dream stash.

Happy RNW!!!!

P.S. Do you like Nw’s new trick?  Standing with no hands.  Not long till he’ll be walking methinks, time for everything to move up another level! 🙂

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