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baby chewing

There’s no doubt about it, babies love to chew stuff, and when I say stuff I mean anything and everything. For a teething baby there’s nothing better than crawling around and finding something completely inappropriate to have a good old munch on. The T.V. remote control maybe, or the dogs tail, or something interesting that fell down the back of the sofa that you’re not quite sure what it’s for.  If baby can grab it then baby will chew it.

There are loads of baby teething toys on the market but here at Babi Pur we prefer natural materials rather than petroleum based plastics for baby to chew on. That’s why we have a big range of baby natural baby teethers to choose from.  The Hevea panda teether and Sophie the giraffe teethers are made from 100% natural latex, a really great material, it’s soft and squidgy so your baby can have a real chew on it.  latex comes from the sap of the rubber tree is perfect of you want your baby to have a natural toy to chew on.

Sophie teething toyHevea Panda teether

Another great material that babies love to chew on is wood. Wood is a bit harder and babies love to gnaw down on it, especially when they’ve got pesky teeth coming through. At Babi Pur we sell a wide range of Haba wooden teething toys madein Germany from beech wood and finished with natural pigments.  High quality wooden toys that are cleverly designed to stimulate your baby, easy to grab and shake about and of course have a chew on.

Haba teething


Teething toys are great for soothing sore gums and during those months when their first little teeth start showing they are a definite must have.



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