Zero Waste Week: Babipur Kitchen

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It’s the end of Zero Waste Week and we’ve got one more post with ideas to help you make some more eco friendly swaps, this time in your kitchen!


One of our new brands has been really popular this week; the Eco Coconut scourers and brushes. They are completely zero waste and are made from sustainably sourced coconut husks, which makes them naturally antibacterial. These scourers and brushes can totally replace your disposable ones. They can be used all over your kitchen (and bathroom!). They won’t scratch and they’re fab on hard surfaces. They’re completely biodegradable and can be thrown in with your compost when they’re done. You can read more about them here.

Image credit: Emma Jones


We’ve been proud to stock the Violets cleaning range for years here at Babipur, the infamous mineral bleach is one of our best sellers because it is safe to use on literally everything!

Washing your dishes the natural way with our lovely Violets Eco Washing Up Liquid is another swap you can make. Violets products are 100% natural and vegan, much better for the environment than washing tiny bits of plastic down your drains.


Keep all your food fresh for longer and completely replace the need for single use plastic cling film and use a Beeswax Wrap. We stock a few brands to help you here; the fabulous Abeego and the newly launched BeeBee wraps.

These wraps are a great way to store left overs and keep fruits and vegetables fresh in your fridge. The heat from your hands is all that’s needed to create a seal and they can be rinsed in cold water to clean. They’re really handy for covering milk bottles and cheese too.


If you’re a parent you might already be using cloth wipes for sticky hands and faces. You’ll also probably have wet bags all over your house with them in ready to go! The kitchen is no different. Instead of single use paper towel, try a nice fresh cloth wipe. They do exactly the same job but can be reused over and over. We love this black set of 12 from Imse Vimse as it hides those inevitable stains. Cloth wipes are great for mopping up spills and general cleaning in your kitchen. No excuse for single use when Babipur offer plenty of reusable options!


Not forgetting your kitchen cutlery drawer make sure to swap over to our natural bamboo range. Sporks and spoons are perfect for baby led weaning and independent toddlers. The Bambu bowls are great for serving smaller meals and naughty treats. We even stock chopsticks if you fancy working on those fine motor skills.


A reusable bottle is the perfect zero waste swap. There is something to suit every person, and every occasion. From tumblers to take away drinks, we can recommend you a reusable stainless steel or bamboo alternative. We have a fantastic range of goodies for eco home and green living at Babipur.

The Klean Kanteen tumblers and straws are great plastic free swap for little ones and grown ups too. They’re stainless steel, so they don’t retain smells and they’re super easy to clean. You can even pop them in the dishwasher.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our Zero Waste suggestions this week and have maybe even made an eco swap or two?!

We’ve put together a Zero Waste Starter Bundle especially for the occasion, which includes goodies for your kitchen, bathroom and home! You can find it at Babipur >here<

Join us and #BeTheChange as every reusable swap really does make a difference.

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