Zero Waste: Bee Bee Organic Cotton Wax Wraps

It’s the middle of Zero Waste Week, and we’re very excited to introduce you to a new brand at Babipur; the fabulous Bee Bee Wraps.

They are made from organic cotton which means they’re breathable, so they’ll keep your food fresh for longer. These are a great alternative to single use plastic cling film, and are a great reusable for your kitchen.

They come in a variety of sizes to suit your needs and 2 beautiful bright prints. The multi pack is a brilliant option if you’ve not used them before, and we also think it would make a lovely eco gift.

They are really easy to use, the warmth from your hands is all that is needed to create a breathable seal. With simple hand washing in cold water and a gentle soap the wraps should last you for over a year. You can even “recharge” with an iron if you need to.

They cannot be used in microwaves and they are not to be used with raw meat and fish.

The wraps are made in right here in the UK and packaged in fully recyclable cardboard pouches. They really are the perfect zero waste swap.

You can find your lovely Bee Bee wraps >here< at Babipur

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