Violet’s soothing baby balm review

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This week Cecilia reviews Violet’s baby & bottom balm for Babi Pur.   Violet’s balm has been tried, tested & recommended by JUNO magazine as well as Babi Pur customers!  It soothes and heals irritated skin, sinking in beautifully and it doesn’t clog up cloth nappies. Oh.. and it’s not just for bottoms!  Enjoy Cecilia’s review below….

Violet's balm

I really took some time to write this review because I wanted to get a really good feel on this product.

In a nutshell, I use it for everything under the sun in this house and I love it.  I use it with baby Isla for dry skin, eczema patches, baby massage (this is lovely and ‘oily’ so perfect for massaging), for slightly red bottom as well as chipped chin from excess dribbling!

Violet's balm 2

Violets balm 3

For the older kids we use a lot on their dry skin and eczema, they tell me ‘it feels refreshing’. It has been used a lot when they have invisible/creative ‘pain’, usually just before bedtime, so we get the Violet’s balm and it seems to cure these pretty quickly.

For me, I have been using for moisturising my legs, feet and hands, they work a treat to get them looking summer ready.

The scent is amazing, it smells divine and you only need a very small amount so a small bottle will last for ages.





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