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This week Cecilia reviews Violet’s Natural Laundry products.. we sent Cecilia a selection of  the following 6 trial sized Violet’s Laundry products…  Violet’s Natural Laundry powder in unscented and lavender and geranium, the natural oxygen bleach, Natural Laudry Sanitiser, cloth nappy safe laundry softener and the natural laundry liquid.   Enjoy Cecilia’s review below…


Growing up in a lovely and warm Latin American country I used to love going on holidays to the small village were my father was born. Contrary to the big city where we lived, the luxury of a washing machine didn’t exist. I was fascinated watching the ladies washing their clothes with a bar of coconut soap in the river, I used to pay attention on how they used to scrub harder on stains and ‘beat’ the clothes on the rocks to make them cleaner and chatted and sang together, it was almost mystical.

Now days we tend to wash our clothes in the comfort of our own homes, which is great, however with that we miss out on the wisdom of each other’s washing routines, with so many choices, what washing products to use?

I came to live in the UK in my late teens and had to wash my own clothes for the 1st time, back then any old soap would do really!

Then I had a baby..

  • With sensitive skin
  • Eczema prone skin
  • With food ‘allergies’

Washing clothes became a little more complex

Now I have three children. All three with skin sensitivities. We once had to rush our middle child to A&E due to a severe reaction to a new fabric softener

Finding good washing products that both wash our clothes well but is also kind to the skin is a necessity for us as a family, even better if they are gentle to the environment too. Therefore, I was thrilled to try out the ethically sourced violet’s range of washing/cleaning products and this is an honest account of our experience with them.

Violet’s Laundry powder

One word: Excellent.

It washed our clothes really well; they were very clean and fresh. I don’t feel I need to elaborate on this review, the stuff is pure brilliant at cleaning and the children’s skins are looking great, I will certainly be buying more once we run out.

One small scoop does one 7kg load, so a little can go a long way.

We tried both the unscented and Lavender & Geranium, equally excellent in how it got our clothes clean. The unscented is ideal for my husband, he prefers the lovely smell-less of clean freshly washed laundry <3 I prefer to have scented clothes out of the washing machine, so naturally I loved the Lavender & Geranium.

Violet’s laundry powder is – Gentle on the environment and the skin!

I would rate it 10 out 10.

Cloth nappies

violet's nappies.fw

Perfect for our cloth nappies, it really is a robust cleaning powder, we have had excellent results, absolutely no stains even after one whole week of an ‘upset tummy’ sort of nappies.

Violet’s softener

Violet's natural softener


Pretty Awesome!
This one I need to rave about.
We tried out the Lavender, Rose Geranium and Jasmine, simply a lush scent.
For our overall laundry it gave us excellent results, leaving fabrics fluffy and soft safely without leaving residues. But most importantly, the children’s skins are looking great, no flare ups. Violet’s softener gets a big thumbs up from all 5 of us!

Cloth nappies

This is where violet’s softener is one step ahead, it works by softening the water and are therefore cloth nappies safe, yay!
But would they really work?
I started out by doing two separate washing loads, one with violet’s laundry powder only and one load with violet’s laundry powder plus violet’s softener. Wow, wow, just wow.
The nappies washed with violet’s softener were so soft I wanted to actually cuddle them <3
It is difficult to convey softness through a picture but the nappies really did feel so much softer.

cloth nappy safe softener


  1. Violet’s softener has eliminated 2 issues in our cloth nappy washing routine.No need to tumble dry on low for a few minutes just to get our bumgenius elementals and bamboo nappies to soften up- we will be saving on effort electricity!
  2. We can now add towels to the washing load after a nappy pre-wash and they will come out really soft – we will be saving on effort and electricity by having a full load on.

The ONLY item in our house it did not work so well on was a popular brand of terry cloth wipes, they are known for going scratchy and stiff, the wipes washed with the softener feel perhaps slightly fluffier, but not by much.

Overall an amazing product and one that I will never live without.

Violet’s Stain Remover and Sanitiser

Another great product.  As a sanitiser, brilliant, as you can use it with low temperature washes and rest assured your clothes will be clean.
As a stain remover it is pretty good, however it didn’t seem to remove stains through soaking. Using it in the washing machine gave us much better results.
Take this pair of Frugi baby pants for example, it had some food stain on it.

frugi stain remover

I soaked them in a solution of water and violet’s stain remover and sanitiser

Violet's stain remover

I then rinsed it and left it to dry, there were no visible results on the fabric.

stain rem

I then put a usual wash on with violet’s laundry powder and violet’s stain remover and sanitiser, washed it at 40 o C and got a much better result!, we were left with shadow staining only!

shadow stain only!

Violet’s Mineral Bleach


I was sceptical about this one I have to confess, mainly because I did not believe I could be won over by another household cleaning product, how wrong was I? Very.

So I started off by diluting a small quantity of the violet’s mineral bleach in water as per their instructions. I then used it in a spray bottle to clean out our bathroom, really liked how shiny and clean everything looked, but what I liked the most was the lack of the overwhelming smell/fumes of supermarket bought bleach.

In the next few days I moved from the bathrooms to the kitchen and was so very impressed again about how clean it left our house.

violets starter set

Thumbs up! I was really trusting violet’s mineral bleach by now so went on to use it with our cloth nappies to brighten them up

natural oxygen bleach

I like the fact I can also add violet’s mineral bleach to the washing machine load. Ideal if I ever buy one of those hard to find prints second hand nappies that arrive in ‘suboptimal’ condition.
This is another success in our house, we love it!

Violet’s Laundry Liquid

I again really loved this product babi pur
A little went a very long way for us. The husband does not like his dark work clothes washed with powder, so we always have laundry liquid in the house. I found violet’s liquid to be just as mighty as the powder, but yet just as gentle to the skin.
Just a win win with all the above products.



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  1. Mary Bailey says:

    I am interested in all of Voilets products,just wondered if you could send me a price list+photos of each which Voilets this item is for.many thanks,Mary.

  2. Heather Calver says:

    Hi Mary. Thanks for your interest in our Violets range. If you head to our website and search for Violets under ‘brands’ you will find the whole range and all the prices 🙂

  3. Bev says:

    Can violets be used as a way to gently strip nappies?

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