Tula Baby Carrier Review

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This week Cecilia reviews the  Tula baby carrier.. read Cecilia’s review below….

When pregnant with baby number 3 I had a lovely lady who runs a sling library showed me a few types of slings.  I fell in love with a stretchy wrap and a few woven wraps.  However I politely declined any Information on buckle carriers as I thought I was a ‘wrap sort of girl’.
Fast forward a few months, baby was here and growing, when the time came to retire the stretchy wrap, I found it was a little time consuming to wrap with a woven then completely unwrap to feed
Then wrap up again
Then unwrap for a nappy change
Then wrap up again
Having another 2 very active children to run after I decided I needed something more practical in addition to the woven wraps, that is when the idea of a buckle carrier came to my mind.  I asked a few friends to try on their few different types of buckle carriers and the Tula stood out by a long way for its comfort and practicality.

Very easy to put on, the Tula has two buckles to be fastened and that’s it, one shoulder buckle and one waist one, no complicated crossing over straps to manoeuvre from one side to the other, it really is straightforward.

The thick padding is lush, it has fully padded waist straps as well as fully padded shoulder straps making the Tula super comfortable on your back and shoulders.


Baby feels almost weightless I feel like I am carrying a little feather around not a baby, yet Isla feels very close and secure.

It is hand made from 100% cotton, Isla has sensitive skin especially on her neck and face so material is important.

It is comfortable under my arms, I can either use it very snuggly under the arm or I can adjust the straps so that it doesn’t dig on my breasts when they are full (of milk).


I can breastfeed very easily whilst baby wearing and running my child’s birthday party at the same time for example.

It has a handy pocket on the waist strap I no longer lose my house keys every 5 minutes.


We love it.

tula adjust.fw


You can see on these pictures how the shoulder straps can go up and down and the buckle straps can be adjusted to change the width to fit most shapes and sizes.
Tulas come in 2 different sizes, the standard baby carrier can be used for babies from about 15 to 45 pounds, it can also be used from birth with the Tula infant insert; or the Tula toddler carrier is approved for 25-50 lbs.

Isla was 15lb when we started tula’ing and her legs just about dangled freely at a right angle in our standard carrier, but just for extra support we used a small rolled up towel at the bottom of the Tula; within a few weeks Isla was big enough to fit properly into her standard with no aids. Now she is nearly walking we have started doing some back carrying and it feels so secure and comfortable I sometimes forget she is there, however Isla likes to remind me by constantly pulling my hair, so there is a negative aspect to it I suppose.tula10

Additionally, the dark canvases do tend to fade after a few washes and the black ones attract white fluff, but apart from that there are no other negatives as yet. tula14

Our lives have been so much easier since using the Tula, it takes me just under 20 seconds (yes, I have timed myself) to get Isla in or out the carrier and it feels so comfortable even after 4-5 hours of daily baby wearing, considering I hurt my back in a car accident a few months ago that really is a bonus. It is a big hit with daddy too, he is much taller and slimmer than me, the Tula fits him well.



Tula made plane journeys with a baby less stressful, our underused pram served us as an airport bag trolley during our last holidays.
Lastly, I love the stylish look! They come in so many gorgeous prints and designs it really is impossible to pick just one, this is where practical meets beautiful and we now have a little Tula stash and it is set to grow <3




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