Plan Toys Flower Pots – Getting kids growing this Spring

The Easter holidays are traditionally the time when work in the garden really gets going. It’s the perfect time to introduce kids to the wonderful world of growing your own. I was excited to try the Plan Toys flower pots when I discovered they were more than just toys – they are actually suitable for growing things in as well! They would make a great gift this Easter if you are looking for an alternative to chocolate.

Sustainability and Plan Toys

For anyone new to Plan Toys, they have been making ethically produced educational toys for over 30 years. The Plan Toys factory makes solid wood toys from FSC rubber wood from trees that have reached the end of their latex producing life and Plan Wood. Plan Wood is an eco material formed from compressed sawdust generated by the Plan Toys factory combined with a non-formaldehyde glue in a carbon neutral process. The flower pots are made from this Plan Wood, and are strong and sturdy – perfect for young gardeners!

Seasonal Planting

We love the bright colours, and each of the boys chose their own pot to plant up. We decided on sowing broad bean seeds as it’s so early in the year – these are large seeds so easy for the kids to handle, they are easy and quick to germinate, and can be planted outside in the early spring once they’ve grown to about 6 inches. The pots will also look amazing on the window sill later in the spring with some herbs in; try basil, parsley, coriander and chives. In autumn you could try some small bulbs like crocus or iris for flowers in early spring. We always use peat free compost, which is now widely available from garden centres.

Positive Impact

Getting children growing their own is so rewarding. They learn where their food comes from, how to care and nurture a living thing, helps develop fine motor skills, encourages healthy eating and a more active lifestyle. Reports have also shown that gardening and growing have a positive impact on people’s mental health and wellbeing. It is a powerful therapeutic tool in helping adults suffering with depression and anxiety. With so many benefits, it’s certainly a hobby I’m keen to share with my children.

Huge thanks to Hannah for sharing her thoughts about the Plan Toys flower pots with us x

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