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Introducing Bio-D

We are welcoming top eco-friendly cleaning brand Bio-D which has joined our eco laundry and cleaning range here at Babipur! This small family business in the UK was launched in 1989, with environmental and ethical responsibility at its heart. With a passion for great natural cleaning products at an accessible price point, we were keen to find out more about this ethical brand.

Selection of Bio-D natural cleaning products in a range of sizes

Behind the business

Michael Barwell, the founder of Bio-D was a maintenance and cleaner of commercial ships in the 1980’s. Using heavy-duty safety equipment including respirators, and industrial cleaners on a daily basis was all part of the job.

However, Michael was shocked to discover that many of these industrial cleaning ingredients could actually be found in household cleaners. How could these be safe for use in the family home and for the planet?

With a clear vision to provide an alternative to standard cleaning products, Bio-D are made entirely from fully traceable, sustainable, naturally-derived ingredients. Just as important is what they leave out – synthetic chemicals, preservatives, enzymes and synthetic perfumes. This makes them kind on sensitive skin and gentle on the environment. However, don’t just take our word on it! Bio-D are accredited by a number of third party certifications:

  • Cruelty Free International’s Leaping bunny
  • Vegan Society
  • Allergy UK
  • BRC Global Standards (providing a fully traceable supply chain)
  • British Assessment Bureux registered (reducing environmental impact in business)
  • Ethical Consumer Best Buy
  • BSEN1276 Commercial Food Preparation Standards
Bio-D Toilet cleaner label

Bio-D products are all made here in the UK in their dedicated factory in Hull. All their ethical and sustainability standards are uncompromised by not outsourcing production. But what really sets Bio-D apart is that the whole home cleaning range is 100% hypoallergenic. They are also the only manufacturer in the UK to the conform to BSEN1276 food grade specification, making their home cleaning products safe for areas where food is prepared.

Bio-D All Purpose Sanitiser Refill Orange, safe for use in food preparation areas

Ethical Consumer

With a tidal wave of greenwashing it can sometimes be confusing finding truly ethical cleaning products. With this in mind it was great to hear that Bio-D received the Ethical Consumer Best Buy Label in four key categories. They received top marks in the washing up liquids, surface cleaners, laundry detergents and dishwasher detergent categories. By consistently working on their ethical policies and innovation across their product range, Bio-D gained approval from the Ethical Consumer team.

Bio-D-Eco Laundry refills are an Ethical Consumer Best Buy

Cleaning the Bio-D way

Bio-D pride themselves on offering cost effective and safer alternatives to standard cleaning products. Safe home cleaning products should be affordable for everyone without compromising quality. Not only are Bio-D safer for use in the home, they’re much better for the environment too.

Bio-D Dishwasher Powder and Rinse Aid

The state of UK rivers has gone from bad to worse over the last 5 years. Experts have warned that there is no river in the UK that is safe to swim in, with all of England’s rivers polluted beyond the legal limits as set out in EU law. During heavy rain sewage overflows are often discharged into rivers and waterways. Our country’s waterways are, in effect, being used as open sewers. One source of pollutants comes from the cleaning products we use at home. Making sure what goes down the drain is safe for the environment can have a big impact. This is just as important in septic tank sewage treatment, with all Bio-D products safe to use with septic tanks and safe for aquatic life.

Bio-D Full Range White BG

If you are looking for bulk refills, Bio-D has the answer! This is a great way to save on packaging, transportation and money. Moreover, all Bio-D’s plastic bottles are 100% recyclable and 80% of the range made from recycled plastics and are BPA free.

We hope you love Bio-D as much as we do! You can find our huge range of Bio-D natural cleaning essentials >HERE<

Bio-D Natural Cleaning Products

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