Natural and Organic Baby Mattresses

Babies sleep 10-14 hours every day.. really they do!  We know how important it is for parents to feel confident that the materials used in their baby’s mattress and bedding is non toxic and safe. It can be mind boggling to know which baby mattress to go for, you may have questions like “is my baby getting the right support?” “Is it totally natural and chemical free? “Are there added fire-retardants?” “Which material should I go for?”  So we’ve put this little guide together with information on the natural mattresses we have on offer here at Babi Pur.

Little Green Sheep

Little Green Sheep specialise in  high quality natural and organic mattresses that are entirely chemical free and totally safe. No harmful pesticides, herbicides or fireproofing chemicals are used, they’re just 100% natural. So let’s find out about their mattresses and materials used-

Coconut coir

coir 60x120 mattress

These mattresses are made using the fibre from the coconut husk that is used in its natural washed state. The natural coconut fibres are bound using natural latex that is sourced from the sap of the Hevea tree and works like thousands of little springs that evenly distribute body weight and ensures a long lasting shape.

Organic Wool Mattress

organic wool 60x120  mattress

Made with organic welsh wool, this is the only Soil Association certified natural mattress in the UK. With a natural coconut coir core, this natural wool mattress is made with six layers of wool to best support your baby. Ideal for babies who suffer from skin allergies and irritations such as eczema, a wool mattress also naturally disperses moisture, creating a clean and dry environment that reduces the risk of bacterial growth and is naturally anti-allergy.

 Natural latex twist mattress

twist 60x120 mattress

This award winning mattress provides a firm and comfy support that is recommended up to 18 months on one side, then twist the mattress over to reveal the softer supple natural latex side, recommended for up to 7 years. The 100% natural rubber is sourced from the sap of the hevea tree, which is a natural rubber material that is extremely durable and doesn’t affect the breathability of the mattress. This substance is used in all the mattresses as it binds together the springy core of the coconut coir.

Organic cotton is used to finish the mattress and hold everything in place. Using untreated, luxurious and durable Herringbone organic cotton that meets Eco Tex and Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) and no chemicals whatsoever have been used to treat the material.

No harmful fire retardants are used on the mattresses and as all the materials used are 100% natural and chemical free, they’re are all naturally fire-retardant and meet the UK fireproofing standard as well as being naturally anti-dust mite and anti-allergy.

Little Green Sheep offer mattresses of many shapes and sizes, even making mattresses to fit cots, beds and baskets by brands like Mamas & Papas, Boori and SnuzPods. But if you can’t still can’t find the size you need, don’t worry, they can custom make any mattress to any size you require, just get in touch for a price quote.

 Natural Mat

Natural Mat mattresses are made using the finest materials and are soft and gently sprung mattresses for your baby to sleep on. Using only natural materials, the mattresses are all naturally fireproof and reach UK fireproofing standards so no added nasty and harmful fire-retardants.

Organic and Natural Mattress


Made with a natural coconut coir core, wrapped in an organic lambswool and quilted washable organic cotton cover. They provide a breathable and well ventilated sprung mattress with no added nasty. Made using natural materials, they’re naturally fire retardant and temperature regulating keeping your baby warm in winter and cool in summer.

Natural Latex Mattress

organic_cot_mattress latex

Suitable from birth to about 3-4 years, the latex mattress is a good choice for cot beds as they offer a great support for heavier children. Made with thick layer of natural latex in the middle, covered in a layer of coconut coir that is also wrapped in a layer of organic lambswool and finally finished with a machine washable cotton cover.


Organic Mohair Mattress

organic_cot_mattress mohair

These natural mohair mattresses have a thick layer of horsehair at the core that is covered in a layer of coconut coir, with a layer of lambswool over that and finished with a soft organic cotton washable cover. Recommended for birth to around 3-4 years, this mattress offer great support and is ideal for heavier children.

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