Let’s talk about Lamazuna!

A Review by Kristina Amalie

Lamazuna range
The Lamazuna range. Image credit: Kristina Amalie

Let’s talk about Lamazuna;

Firstly, this is what babipur has to say about them:

Always keen to reduce waste, simplify our beauty regimes, and use only natural and vegan ingredients, their range now includes sulphate and palm oil free solid shampoos, aluminium-free solid deodorants, solid, 100% natural body butters and more. We love how these beauty items are eco-friendly, natural and travel friendly too!

Secondly, Their products have been an absolute game changer in our quest to banish plastic from our bathrooms, and go down a more natural route for our skin and hair care!

It all started a year ago when I had finally worked my way through and recycled all our plastic bottles of shampoo and was brave enough to step into the world of shampoo bars. Although, my journey had got off to a rough start. When trying a shampoo bar from our local natural health shop that left my hair sticky, I had high hopes to find one that would work for me. So the Lamazuna Chocolate shampoo bar came to the rescue, and I haven’t looked back since. One might say I’ve fallen down a slippery slope into all things Lamazuna, but I have to say it’s a pretty good place to be!

Lamazuna solid shampoo- chocolate
Lamazuna solid shampoo- chocolate. Image credit: Kristina Amalie

Where it all started: with the Lamazuna Chocolate Shampoo bar for normal hair. My hair is of the fine, Nordic, dry type – and this shampoo has transformed my relationship to my hair! It has given my hair volume for the first time in a decade and it leaves it feeling so nourished and there’s usually no need for conditioner! But the times I feel it needs a little extra love – I’ll finish of my hair wash with an Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse. It may be a small bar but a little goes a long way and I’ve found I don’t need to wash my hair nearly as often as before, meaning it will last even longer!

Lamazuna solid shampoo- Vanilla and coconut
Lamazuna solid shampoo- Vanilla and coconut. Image credit: Kristina Amalie

My fiancée is currently using the vanilla and coconut version. His verdict is that it leaves the hair so lush that there’s no need for products after to tame his mane! (Unfortunately he was rather unwilling to pose for proof)

Lamazuna Solid Cocoa Body Butter Bar
Lamazuna Solid Cocoa Body Butter Bar. Image credit: Kristina Amalie

Next up is the Lamazuna Cocoa Butter Bar, or at least what remains of it. I first started using this last summer, and I have lost count of how many I’ve gone through since as my skin is notoriously dry. One quick swipe of this gorgeous little bar makes dry skin a thing of the past. What’s better yet is that if you warm it in your palm it makes the most perfect massage oil!

Lamazuna Solid Shaving Bar Soap
Lamazuna Solid Shaving Bar Soap. Image credit: Kristina Amalie

A huge game changer at least for the summer months when shaving seems to be a little more frequent is the Lamazuna Shaving bar. Just lather up on wet skin and shave away! And it doesn’t dry the skin out like I’ve found with shaving foam so no need for moisturising after either! Winning!

Lamazuna Hibiscus Facial Cleanser for Dry & Sensitive Skin
Lamazuna Hibiscus Facial Cleanser for Dry & Sensitive Skin. Image credit: Kristina Amalie

Last but not least, the latest addition to our bathroom and my wash routine is the Lamazuna Face Cleanser. And this is probably what I was mostly apprehensive about as I have quite sensitive skin which will break out at any given opportunity when faced with cleansers. I’m pleased to report that after two weeks of daily use my skin is as smooth as a baby’s bottom and there’s not a hint of pimples! Which is a first for me as my skin has punished me in my later years for the lack of care I gave it in my twenties ?

As with all Lamazuna products they are made of only natural ingredients, 100% vegan and cruelty free, eco-friendly and sustainable. They’re perfect for travel as you won’t exceed the liquid limit and there’s no chance they’ll explode in your suitcase! There are handy little Lamazuna jars available too, making packing them for trips even easier ??

Huge thanks to Kristina for sharing her experiences with our Lamazuna range xx

Find the full range >here<

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