Lamazuna Dog Shampoo: Pamper your Pooch

We all love a little pamper now and again in our ways don’t we? So why should our four-legged friends miss out? Well, now they don’t have to! You can make the switch to a zero-waste hair-care routine for the favourite dog in your life, with this 100% natural, vegan solid pet shampoo from French brand Pepet’s by Lamazuna. These gorgeous shampoos come in five different types, each to suit the uniqueness of your pets coat. Leaving it with that enviable shine all dogs dream about!

Vegan and cruelty free

We just love this gorgeous pic of Otto from Danielle Benner

Pepet’s solid shampoo pet bars are Sulphate, Phthalate and Palm Oil-free. Pepet’s products follow same rigorous testing as on on human cosmetics. They carry the Slow Cosmétique label, an organisation that supports and promotes a natural, healthy and simple ways of using cosmetics.

Over time, your dogs will have a softer, more shiny coat and be thankful for introducing natural products to their fur. Lamazuna solid shampoo bars are made with love and fun in France, and are labelled Vegan & Cruelty Free by PETA. All ingredients are ethically source.

Thanks to Siobhan and Harrison for this fun pic!

Plastic Free

With minimal packaging and free from plastic, these solid shampoos are perfect for anyone trying to reduce household waste, go plastic-free or those living a zero-waste lifestyle.

Designed for Dogs

Pepet’s animal friendly shampoo, has been especially formulated with a sensitive smell in mind. Made from vegetable oils and powders, blended uniquely for the individual coat and skin type. These shampoos are scent free to allow your pet to have a special treat without overstimulating their senses. As humans, we often enjoy a gentle scent to our beauty regime, but it is not best for our dogs. Their scent is over forty times as powerful as a human, and perfumes disrupt their sense of smell. Not only this, but it may cause a desire to mask the smell by rolling in something unpleasant. None of us want that!!

The pH of the shampoo has also been developed with our pets in mind.

Easy to Use

Thanks Ellie Walker for this cute puppy pic!

Pamper your pet with this solid shampoo, leaving them fresh, relaxed and ready for fun! These shampoo bars are so simple to use. Ideal for keeping your four-legged friend fresh and clean on holiday, or on adventures too. Your dog will love a freshen up after those long country walks!

Lather up the shampoo in your hand and wet your fluffy friend with warm water. Gently rub all over your pets coat and rinse out as normal. Follow with a rub in a nice cosy towel (optional!). Don’t forget to treat your dog to a little massage at the same time, great to calm the more anxious of dogs.

These shampoos are formulated with natural oils, such as coconut and Jojoba. These help to rebalance sebum production, whilst restoring vitality and are non-greasy. Organic oils that strengthen and smooths the coat, whilst giving a natural enviable shine.

Thanks to Angharad for this cutie on their very own Cwtch play mat!

Do Good, Feel Good

Pepet’s shampoos also support the ‘Association Pepet’s’ with 5% of their profits. This charity then redistributes donations to several animal welfare and rescue organisations in the form of material, equipment and food. So whilst treating your pet to a pamper, you can rest assured you are helping other animals in need at the same time.

Key Points

  • Solid shampoo bar, 60ml
  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Unscented with pH formulated for animals not humans
  • Vegan & Cruelty Free – confirmed by PETA
  • Sulphate, Pthalate and Palm Oil-free
  • Ideal for travel and adventures
  • Zero-waste shampoo option, plastic-free
  • Made in France with love
Thanks Emma for this lovely picture

From home to on the go, you can make your beauty routine green. Find the full range of Lamazuna products >>HERE<<

Team Babipur can’t wait to hear what you think of these solid shampoo bars for pets. More importantly, what your dog thinks too! Share a pic of your favourite pooch using the tag #LoveBabipur over on Instagram or in our Facebook group Babipur Hangout! Woof woof x

Thanks Ellie Walker for this adorable pic of Zee and his pooch!
Who’s walking who?! Thanks Maria Craib for this pic
My very own special baby girl, Bella Dawg x
Thanks Ruth for this gorgeous pic. They really are our best friends x

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