Which Klean Kanteen at Babipur

Why Choose Klean Kanteen?

  • They are a very eco conscious brand
  • Perfect for helping to avoiding single use plastic and reduce waste
  • Main material is food grade stainless steel (18/8)
  • The sport, loop, café and kids caps are all made from BPA and toxin free polypropylene (pp5)
  • Simple clean design mean absolutely every component can come apart for a thorough clean
  • The stainless steel does not retain flavours
  • And of course…they look awesome!

If you want to know more in detail about Klean Kanteen, stainless steel and plastic pollution head over read this blog post. You will also find links to videos that will guide you through cleaning you Klean Kanteen in that post as well.

Image credit: Joss Hooren from Little Green Globetrotter

Which one should you choose?

With so much choice in the Klean Kanteen range, it isn’t always easy to know which one will suit your needs best. This guide aims to give you a brief run down of the different Klean Kanteen’s range at Babipur, and what they are best suited to.

Classic Sport 

  • Available in two sizes 18oz (532ml) and 27oz (800ml)
  • Slim line and lightweight, making them ideal for use out and about
  • Perfect for the gym, around the house or with ice blocks in your picnic bag
  • Popular to use as a reusable school bottle for older kids
  • Interchangeable with the entire range of classic (44mm) lids

Image credit: Klean Kanteen

Kids Kanteen

  • One size 12oz / (355mls)
  • Perfect size for small hands, can be used from weaning age
  • Two different style lids, sippy lid or classic sports cap
  • Ideal for nursery, school or just around the house

Image credit: Klean Kanteen


  • Available in two sizes 18oz (532ml) and 27oz (800ml)
  • If you like something a bit swish and stylish this one is for you!
  • Stainless steel and bamboo screw top combo
  • An exceptionally eco-option, using sustainably harvested bamboo
  • Interchangeable with the entire range of classic (44mm) lids

Image credit: Klean Kanteen

Classic Insulated 

  • Available in three sizes 20oz (592mls), 32oz (946mls) and 64oz (1900)
  • Keeps drinks hot for 20 hours and cold for 50 hours (varies with size)
  • Perfect for anyone who likes hot to stay hot and cold to stay cold!
  • Ideal for the gym, work, picnics or any other adventures
  • Interchangeable with the entire range of classic (44mm) lids

Image credit: Klean Kanteen

Kid Kanteen Insulated

  • One size 12oz / (355mls)
  • Hot for 12 hours and cold for 40 hours
  • Perfect for hot chocolate down at the beach, on the campsite or chilled water on a hot school day
  • Screw top lid that can be attached to a bag with a carabiner loop

Image credit: Klean Kanteen

Wide insulated Cafe Cup

  • Available in 12oz (355mls), 16oz (473mls) and 20oz (592mls)
  • Hot for 10 hours and cold for 30 hours (varies with size)
  • The café cap is leak proof and suitable for hot and cold drinks
  • Perfect for on the go, or those night feeds when you need a brew!
  • Can be used to carry ice
  • You can fit ice lollies or hot dogs in the 16 and 20oz options
  • Drink directly from the lid
  • Attach your bottle to your rucksack with a carabiner loop

Image credit: Klean Kanteen

Insulated Tumbler

  • Available in 8oz (237mls), 16oz (473mls) and 20oz (592mls)
  • Hot for 6 hours and  cold for 24 hours (varies with size)
  • This is the Klean Kanteen most like a takeaway cup
  • It is not leakproof, but ideal for around the house or office.
  • Perfect for parents who want to drink a cuppa when it’s still hot!
  • Use it out and about for when you go to a café, festival, or outdoor event
  • Compatible with the pint and tumbler lid, which has a straw hole to pop your reusable straw in

Image credit: Klean Kanteen

Image credit: Klean Kanteen

Stainless Steel Cups

  • Available in 10oz (296mls), 16oz (473mls) and 20oz (592mls)
  • Perfect for any kind of cold drink, including the alcoholic ones!
  • Robust and long lasting so great for kids around the house
  • Ideal for beach days, picnics, or any other adventures
  • Stackable
  • Stainless steel – no retained flavours
  • Perfect for use with the tumbler lid and straw


  • Available in multicolour and back
  • Pack of four
  • Soft silicone tips makes them safe for children to use
  • No more plastic straws!

Image credit: Capture the Rainbow Photography


  • Available in 40oz (1182mls) and 64oz (1900mls)
  • Choose either insulated (suitable for hot and cold drinks) or non insulated
  • Comes with Swing Lok® Cap making it ideal to carry fizzy drinks
  • Perfect to transport beer from your local brewery to home or perhaps decant a bottle of fizz to a picnic without the worry of carrying glass bottles!

Image credit: Klean Kanteen

We also stock a range of replacement lids, caps, bottle cleaners and other accessories. You can find the full range of Klean Kanteen products >here<



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