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Klean Kanteen

Babipur joins the battle against single-use plastics, which pose a serious threat to our planet. We need reusable alternatives that stand up to a variety of demands, from keeping drinks cool, to keeping up with our caffeine fixes, all whilst being on the go.

What’s more, hydration for the whole family is crucial – we’re made of about 60% water after all! When looking for reusable alternatives for your food and drinks, you want to be sure you are investing in something for your family that will not only last, but is also safe and free from toxins.

Why Stainless Steel?

Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s War on Waste campaign in 2016 opened our eyes to the 2.5 BILLION disposable coffee cups used every year in the UK. That’s 10,000 every 2 minutes. Well-intentioned Brits put these in the recycling bin, but they often can’t be recycled, due to the polyethylene coating added to make the cups waterproof. Currently, only 5% of plastic is recycled effectively; 40% ends up in landfill, and a further third ends up in vulnerable ecosystems, including the ocean. The Ellen MacArthur Foundation Report, January 2016, claims that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the sea than fish due to plastics leaking into the ocean.

Plastic takes decades, even centuries to breakdown. Even though recycling plastic is fantastic, the amount of energy needed to recycle plastic materials is staggering. Re-using requires less energy and makes huge strides towards a zero waste community.

We can’t rely on industry to be entirely responsible for change. We, as eco-conscious consumers, need to support each other to make positive change against plastic waste.

Stainless steel is a combination of natural elements that won’t stain, corrode, or rust. It can be more easily recycled into new products than plastic. Food-grade stainless steel is naturally BPA free, so there’s no risk of any BPA or PVC ‘leaching’ into your bottle and drink.

Where plastics can crack or chip if knocked or dropped, stainless steel might dent but remains entirely usable. Even the non-insulated versions keep drinks cooler than a standard BPA free plastic bottle.

Why Klean Kanteen?

Klean Kanteen is an exceptionally eco-conscious retailer.  Designed and founded originally by Robert Seals in 2002, when no stainless steel water bottles were available. In 2005 the baton was passed to siblings Jeff Cresswell and Michelle Kalberer, who looked to seek social change through their products and build on Seals’ original vision. They source environmentally friendly and responsible materials; for example, the insulated cannisters use corrugated cardboard in their lids to form the insulation. They are members of the non-profit organisation, ‘1% For The Planet’, a worldwide organisation for businesses committed to making our planet healthy again.

The main material is food grade stainless steel (18/8), which is used as the interior of all their products. The sport, loop, café and kids caps are all made from BPA and toxin free polypropylene (pp5). A stainless steel loop cap option is available to fit on kids, classic and insulated bottles

Simple clean design mean absolutely every component can come apart for a thorough clean, including the leak proof café caps and the spill proof kids sippy lids (see tutorial videos below).

Klean Kanteen’s “strong as steel guarantee” means: strong against retaining flavours from drink to drink; strong against rust; strong against the adventures you are likely  to put your bottle through.

Klean Kanteen are fighting the single-use waste mountains with their “bring your own” trademark. There is something for every possible drink or food on the go scenario families might find themselves in. From the school or office, to a day at the beach, they have it covered. Start with the bottle or cup of your choice, then you can tailor it to your requirements using their range of accessories including carabiner clips, straws, lids with straws, and 100% leak-proof caps.

Bringing your own reduces waste both in terms of landfill waste and time. How many times have you made a cup of tea, then been called away to a meeting, or the needs of your children, returning to it an hour later to find it has gone cold?! The insulated options will stop the suffering of caffeine-deprived parents.

Of course they look very funky and cool too! There is a stunning range of colours, from eye-popping Dragon Fruit pink to chic Granite Peak grey. And everything is available in the classic stainless steel. You can even add a bit of sparkle and personality with your your own vinyl labels!

Thanks to Kristin Edward for this fab pic!

Klean Kanteen Range

There are 3 main travel options from Klean Kanteen, plus the stackable stainless steel cups. Insulated options are perfect for those short on time or fussy about the temperature of their drink; get your drink to your perfect drinking temperature and it will stay that temp for hours.

  1. The bottles all have a 44mm opening, and are compatible with several bottle top types.
  2. Insulated tumblers come with a press fit lid, or there is an option for a tumbler lid with straw opening.
  3. Wide vacuum insulated cups with a 54mm opening require the wide fit caps.

The Klean Kanteen bottles come in the following options:

  • Classic
  • Insulated
  • Reflect
  • Kids
Interchangeable lids:
  • All the above bottles can be used with the kids’ caps, narrow loop cap, sports cap, the swing lok cap, and the 100% stainless steel loop cap.
  • The Klean Kanteen swing lok cap turns your Klean Kanteen bottle into a growler. This option holds carbonation effectively, meaning no flat drinks! Stainless steel makes a very effective growler, as it prevents sunlight ruining the drink inside.
Classic Bottle:
  • As with the entire Klean Kanteen range, the Classic bottles are made from 100% food safe stainless steel (including the all-important interior).
  • Slim line and lightweight, making them ideal for use out and about.
  • Ideal for use in the fridge or with ice blocks in your picnic bag.
  • Available at Babipur in 18oz (532ml) and 27oz (800ml). The 18oz is a popular choice as a school water bottle for bigger kids, with the 27oz ideal for adults trying to up their fluid intake for the day.
  • Interchangeable with the entire range of classic (44mm) lids.
Insulated Bottle:
  • Can’t get through the day without a cuppa? Only drink water when it’s ice cold? The insulated bottle range will sort this for you (though you’ll have the make the cuppa, sorry!).
  • The highly effective double-vacuum wall keeps cold drinks cold and hot drinks hot, ideal for days at the beach or picnics. You can use the 32oz (946ml) with the stainless steel stackable cups at the family picnic, or take a day’s worth of chilled drink with you to the office or gym.
  • Available at Babipur in 20oz and 32oz (though there’s no reason why you can’t use the 12oz from the kids’ range, too).
  • Interchangeable with the entire range of classic (44mm) lids, though we wouldn’t recommend the sports top for hot drinks.
Reflect bottle:
  • Stainless steel and bamboo screw top combo, super swish and an exceptionally eco-option, using sustainably harvested bamboo.
  • Coming in 2 classic stainless steel options, even the logo is laser etched on, so the exterior is paint-free, too. Food safe silicone ring to make it leak free.
  • Available at Babipur in 18oz and 27oz.
  • Interchangeable with the entire range of classic (44mm) lids.
  • Finding the perfect kids’ water bottle can be tricky; looking for something to fit little hands, which independent toddlers can help themselves to safely, while assuring parents they are using the safest option.
  • Babies and toddlers can both start with the spill-proof sippy lid, then move onto the sports-cap option for age 3+.
  • Available in one size, 12oz (355ml), in classic steel or insulated, there’s no reason why adults can’t use it too, as its mini size is ideal for handbags.
  • Remember that the sippy top, kids’ sports top, kids’ loop cap classic sports top, classic loop cap, and stainless steel loop cap fit on both the kids’ and classic options, meaning your little one can have a bottle just like you!

There are 2 options for your takeaway coffee cup: insulated tumblers or the wide vacuum insulated café, and both can be used for hot or cold drinks.

Insulated tumbler:
  • This is the one most akin to a takeaway cup, but will keep your hot drink hot for up to 6 hours, in the largest size, 20oz (or a cold drink cold for 24!). It’s not leakproof, but ideal for around the house or office. Handy when you’ve just made a cup of tea and then your little one unexpectedly wakes from their nap. Get on board with Klean Kanteen’s bring your own campaign and don’t be afraid to take it with you when you go to a café, festival, or garden party.
  • You can use the pint and tumbler lid with all the insulated tumblers, which has a straw hole to pop your stainless straw in.
Wide Vacuum Insulated Café Cup:
  • This 100% leakproof option can keep your hot drink hot for up to a staggering 14 hours (in the largest size, 20oz option), and cold drinks chilled for up to 40 hours.
  • For cold drinks, its 54mm opening makes it wide enough to add ice, whether for a hydrating soft drink or a cheeky tipple at a summer do. You can even fit ice lollies in the 16 and 20oz options, making for an extra yummy after school playground snack!
  • The café cap is leak proof and suitable for hot and cold drinks, plus you can still drink directly from the lid.
  • Wide loop cap option ensures your drink never touches plastic, and remains leak proof. The D-ring option allows either a flat top or loop option, if you want to attach your bottle to your rucksack with a carabiner loop.

Don’t forget the standard stainless steel cups – they’re stackable, which is great for freeing up space on the kitchen shelves, or popping in your bag if you are heading to a restaurant or picnic. A brilliant alternative to plastic for little hands that are prone to dropping items on the floor (or accident-prone adults!) we love that you can use these inside and out, so your drink can go wherever you go.

You can use the pint and tumbler lid for the stainless steel cups in the larger sizes (16oz and 20oz). This is handy for using outside, to stop dust or bugs getting into it, or perhaps for those prone to spills. There’s even a little straw hole for those who prefer to use a stainless steel straw for their cold drinks.

Fab pic from Siobhàn Danielle Draper Etherington aka Eventual Mother / Capture the Rainbow Photography

Before you know it, your Klean Kanteen will be going wherever you may go, ready to keep you hydrated throughout the day. Here in the Babipur HQ, we make sure our bottles are empty by lunchtime and again at hometime. Many of our Klean Kanteen fans only drink tea or coffee from an insulated cup, even on a regular day at home. But best of all is the knowledge your eye-catching bottle or cup will last as long as you need it, won’t end up on landfill, nor damage ecosystems.

Klean Kanteen Family at Babipur

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