Kabloom! Guerrilla Gardening Seedboms come to Babipur

Seedboms with flower power

Seedboms were designing by Kabloom founder and director Darren Wilson. His passion for eco-friendly design, and the modern problem of an urban population disconnected with nature led to the development of a seed filled biodegradable grenade. With bees and other pollenating insects facing a rapid decline any spare space filled with flowers would be a valuable haven for wildlife. The dream was to get people outside, associating with nature and enriching their environments – filling unloved spaces with life and colour.

Image credit: Hannah Allen

Guerrilla Gardening

The act of growing plants on neglected pieces of land started in 1973 in New York City by Liz Christy. She would fill balloons with seeds and throw them over fences onto derelict ground, bringing splashes of colour to run-down corners.

Seedboms are the weapon of choice for guerrilla gardeners as they don’t need to be planted – just add water and throw them down on bare soil where they are to grow. Now everyone can brighten up neglected corners, and enriching urban environments, benefiting wildlife and the communities that live there.

Seedbom Grow Time lapse from Kabloom on Vimeo.

Eco-friendly design

Seedboms are made from starch and a natural fibres based shell, making them fully biodegradable. This helps the shell to split open when wet to release the seeds. Organic, peat-free compost is used to fill the grenades to protect the delicate peat producing habitats, and non-GMO seeds. The packaging is eco-friendly as well as beautiful – being 100% recycled and recycle-able cardboard, and glue free.

Image credit: Hannah Allen

Why we love them at Babipur

They are a great choice for anyone wanting to bring to life an outdoor space – because they are so easy to use they are perfect whatever your gardening experience and skill. Kids will love to watch the seeds grow from the grenade, and it’s a great introduction to growing flowers in a fun and simple way.

Image credit: Hannah Allen

There’s lots to choose from, all with the emphasis of bringing butterflies, bees and other pollinators to your garden. With the rapid decline of pollinators and diversity in our wildlife habitats, it’s a great way we can all ‘do our bit’. The Seedboms contain the seeds of plants rich in nectar, and some with native wildflowers that are vital food plants for butterflies. All you need is a small patch of soil or a large pot / window box to bring a splash of colour to your garden!

We think they would make amazing party bag fillers – a great way to encourage children to get involved with gardening and caring for their environment. With Easter coming up they would make a fun, chocolate free gift, and the perfect time of year to get growing.

How To Seedbom from Kabloom on Vimeo.

Image credit: Hannah Allen

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