Ecoffee Cups at Babipur

We recently started stocking a new brand Ecoffee cup and we’ve been delighted to see so many of you have already purchased one, or two! Here at Babipur we think Ecoffee cups will offer you a stylish, highly practical alternative to single use takeaway cup. These cups are a much better alternative to a single use one. Instead of trying to recycle you can choose to reuse.  

Ecoffee Cup was founded in 2014 by David McLagan who was appalled at the amount of non-recycable paper cups going to landfill. Ecoffee Cup say the average lifespan of a single use cup is just 13 minutes and shockingly due to their plastic contents less than 1% get recycled. 

Ecoffee Cup is a reusable takeaway cup made from sustainable bamboo fibre. The cups are BPA and phthalate free and are designed to carry hot liquids, so they’re absolutely perfect for tea and coffee. With a texture not dissimilar to a thick paper cup they have a silicone sleeve and lid which make them easy to hold and lovely to drink from. 

The lid seals closed to prevent drips and rather brilliantly the entire cup, sleeve and lid are dishwasher safe. These are a great budget friendly alternative to an insulated bottle and will last years if looked after. 

You can find Ecoffee Cups on our website in 2 sizes; 12oz and 14oz. These sizes are equivalent to a traditional regular and medium in most takeaway outlets. They come in a variety of prints and bold solid colours.  We are also stocking a selection of the beautiful William Morris designs too. 

We think these would make lovely gifts, especially when filled with some nice tea bags, coffee beans or even sweeties. We can already picture them filled with hot chocolate and marshmallows ready to embrace the Autumnal weather. 

You can buy a lovely ecoffee cup from Babipur >here< 

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