Babipur Instagram Challenge – The Ever Changing Weather

This fortnight, our Babipur Instagram Challenge is focussing on the Great British weather – which we all know changes about 5 times during the day at this time of year! It’s a welcome change from the rain showers and cold to have a bit more variety (and sunshine!) in Spring. We want to see what the weather is like wherever you are!

This week’s Prize

In keeping with the weather theme, we’re giving away a Grimm’s Weather Set & The Weather Book to the lucky winner!

Here are the Daily Prompts!

☀️ 26th Monday – Sunrise

? 27th Tuesday – Pink Moon

? 28th Wednesday – Babipur Enfys

? 29th Thursday – Fly a Kite

? 30th Friday – Babipur Book Club

? 1st Saturday – Hello May

⛈ 2nd Sunday – Storm

? 3rd Monday – May Day

✋ 4th Tuesday – Do a ‘Sign with Zee’

? 5th Wednesday – Whirlpool

? 6th Thursday – Lightning

☔️ 7th Friday – Babipur Raincoat

⭐️ 8th Saturday – Tell us the Weather

? 9th Sunday – Machlyd Haul (Sunset)

To take part in this week’s challenge…

1) Post your picture on IG
2) Your caption should Include information about the Babipur Instagram Challenge
3) Tag @babipur#BabipurChallenge#lovebabipur (posts must be from a public account so we can find you)
4) Follow @Babipur IG

Pob lwc!

As always post as many entries as you like through the fortnight, each one counts!

Post from 9am Monday (26th April UK time) to Midnight Sunday (9th May 2021 U.K. time)

Full T&Cs available on our website. Not endorsed by or associated with Instagram/Facebook

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