10 Ways to Reduce Plastic Waste

It’s Easier Than You Think

This New Year, forget the obligatory diet or ‘do more exercise’ and consider some resolutions that might just save our planet, and be better for your health as well. Plastic has become an indisputable problem of modern ‘fast’ culture. Plastic is non-biodegradable and takes hundreds of years to decompose. It is polluting our oceans and endangering marine life. For those of you that have been watching ‘Blue Planet II’ on the BBC, you will have seen some shocking, and often upsetting, imagery depicting this. Although recycling can help reduce what ultimately ends up in landfill, it is not a solution. It does not take into consideration the environmental cost of the production and recycling processes. Single use plastics have become so ingrained in our society, that it seems hard to see how we can possibly manage without it. Well, with a bit of thought and preparation, it’s easier than you think.

Ten Ways to Save Our Oceans

  1. Always Carry a Shopping Bag – Since the changes in UK law around single use plastic bags, we have seen a massive 85% drop in their use. This is fantastic news, but it also demonstrates that change on a massive scale needs to be fundamentally supported by Government. That is why it is so important for individuals to make conscious decisions with their cash. Plastic bags were definitely a great place to start, and the impact has been so significant it will encourage similar incentives to follow.
  2. Switch to Reusable Drinks Bottles – With one million plastic bottles being bought every minute around the world and over 35 million used in the UK alone per year, something seriously needs to change. Carrying a reusable drinks bottle with you is one of the simplest and most convenient ways to reduce your plastic consumption. With an increasing amount of water filling stations, it’s getting easier and easier! So say goodbye to disposable bottles and hello to Klean Kanteen’s stainless steel drink bottles, which are lightweight, reusable, and BPA-free. Perfect  for every day in lunch boxes, picnics, day trips, and adventures outdoors, for kids and adults alike. They will last for years too!
  3. Choose to Reuse your Coffee Cup – Of the 2.5 billion disposable coffee cups sold in the UK every year, only 1% are recycled. Most single use coffee cups are non-recyclable because of the mixed materials they are made from, so most just end up in landfill. That’s A LOT of coffee cups. Just like your water bottle, it’s so easy to pop a reusable coffee cup in your bag wherever you go! Many coffee shops now offer incentives to use your own cup, so it’s a no-brainer really. Our Klean Kanteen‘s come in a variety of beautiful, vibrant colours and don’t retain flavours as they are made of high quality stainless steel. Made with safe, durable, and eco materials, with no BPA, phthalates, or lead. They will ensure that hot drinks stay hot for 10 hours, and cold drinks stay cold for 24 hours! 
  4. Say No to Plastic Straws #strawssuck – Millions of straws are used every single day around the world with around 500 million in the US alone. It is estimated around 30% of these will make their way into our oceans. More and more retailers, restaurants, and even entire towns are saying no to straws, but it’s not enough. It’s ok to use a straw if that is your preference, just choose a reusable one! Our Klean Kanteen straws are so handy to pop in your bag, and the silicone tips are perfect for little ones too. If you want something to store them in whilst you are out and about, our planet size zip bags are perfect!
  5. Ditch the Cling Film – Sometimes it’s hard to see how you can manage without something, until it’s gone. Cling film seems like such a useful piece of kit for your kitchen, but once you ditch it you will realise you never really needed it. Cling film is, in most cases, not recyclable, so it will inevitably end up in landfill, or possibly our oceans. There is another way! Using wax wraps such as Abeego is such an easy way to keep food fresh. Wrap lemons and avocados, cover plates and bowls, keep herbs fresh, and take your sandwiches to work. One wrap, so many uses.
  6. Have a Plastic Free Lunch – Increasing concerns around the used of plastic containers to store or heat food means people are looking for safe and effective alternatives. Certain plastics contain potential harmful chemicals, such as Bisphenol A (BPA), which has been shown to have a negative impact on health. At Babipur, we sell a variety of food storage containers that can replace plastic in the home. From sandwich wraps to stainless steel lunch boxes, we’ve got it covered.
  7. Choose Organic Cotton Clothing – Certain ways of reducing plastic are more transparent than others. The amount of plastic in your clothes for instance, is not immediately obvious, but of course that doesn’t mean it isn’t there. By choosing organic cotton clothing, you are not only reducing plastic consumption, but you are ensuring that no part of the supply chain has negatively impacted on people or the planet. Look out for the Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS) label as a benchmark for excellent standards. You will see the GOTS certificate is carried by all the clothing stocked at Babipur
  8. Switch to Soap Bars – Not much explanation needed here. If you opt for bar soap that is in compostable packaging you are saving yourself a whole load of plastic waste. Whether it is for hands, face, body or hair, you can use a soap bar for it all. 
  9. Make Laundry not Landfill – If you have a child in nappies, switching to reusable cloth can have a really positive impact on how much waste your household sends to landfill. Disposable nappies can take 500+ years to decompose in landfill, and each child will get through thousands of nappies in their first years of life. Cloth nappies are easy use, better for the environment, cost effective and super cute too! We stock a wide range of nappies to suit all families and babies, so give us a shout if you need some help or want to chat about cloth. If you want to know more about how to get started with cloth nappies you can find it here.
  10. Have a Plastic Free Period – Increasingly, it its becoming recognised that disposable menstrual pads and tampons, are pretty awful for the environment. Not only that, but they are pretty much one of the worst things you can put directly against porous and sensitive areas of your body. Many studies have found toxins, dioxins, and carcinogens in tampons. Switching to reusable cloth pads and / or a menstrual cup is better for your health as well as the planet. We have lots of experience with reusable menstrual products, and are more than happy to help if it is something you would like to try but are not sure where to start. We would love to hear from you! From post-partum bleeding, to light incontinence issues, we will help you find the right cloth products or menstrual cup for you.

Just Remember…

One of the golden rules is to try to avoid anything that is only used for a minute but will hang around for hundreds of years. The most important thing is that you don’t have to be ‘perfect’ to be green. Every change you make towards being a more eco-conscious consumer is helping our planet. Small changes makes a big difference.

Comment below with any changes you are thinking of making in 2018, we would love to hear from you!

Happy New Year from Team Babipur! x

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226 Responses

  1. Steph Jones says:

    I am planning to stop my use of plastic bottles for drinks (a few KKs are on my wishlist). I am keen to try the reusable straws for my daughter for when we are out and about.

  2. Clare Gassmann says:

    I’d also recommend switching to loose leaf tea as teabags contain plastic. It tastes better too!

  3. Jo Worrall says:

    Fantastic post! Will be sharing with everyone!

  4. Kayley says:

    9 out of 10 ain’t bad! Still need to try the wax wraps!

  5. Ashley says:

    Very helpful read. Thank you!

  6. Heather Calver says:

    Not bad at all Kayley! A great effort in fact x

  7. Heather Calver says:

    Thanks Ashley, glad you found it helpful! x

  8. Heather Calver says:

    Thanks Jo! The more we can spread the word, the better x

  9. Natalie Louise says:

    Ditch the cling film! I love Abeego wraps!

  10. Andrea Smith says:

    Switched to cloth nappies, KK for hot drinks, don’t buy or use straws anymore, CSP & Rubycup. It’s amazing how the little things add up. Didn’t even think about the liquid soap we use though!! That will be a change for 2018. Plus I’ll be investing in KK’s for the kids too. Thanks Babipur for opening my eyes.

  11. Stevie polat says:

    What a great read can’t wait to be more eco for 2018 ?

  12. Elisabeth Paludan Monberg says:

    I came to Babipur almost two years ago for the cloth nappies and thanks to the great inspiration from the hangout we are now doing almost all of the above. Thank you for that Babipur and Heather!

  13. Claire Ann says:

    I’ve directed my other half to have a read we are getting there bit by bit and hope to continue in 2018

  14. Rebecca Ball says:

    Great ideas here! Can’t wait to get started. X

  15. Laura Vercesi-Bullen says:

    Think i’ll Definitely be saving up for some Kids Kleen Kanteen and maybe one for my husband and I too!!

  16. Taralouise Folds says:

    Great post! I find it can often be quite overwhelming trying to be “greener” so I love posts like this that make taking the first steps so much easier x

  17. Kate says:

    Keen to try the wax wraps and reduce my use of cling film

  18. Laura Gathercole says:

    Great post, very helpful! I’ve got KKs covered and got their straws for Christmas too. When my periods return I’ll be switching to CSPs and I want to get some snack bags soon too. It’ll be small changes over time, but can’t wait to share and encourage others to do similar.

  19. loren davy says:

    this is really helpful! thanks for the tips.. will definitely look into reuseable cloth pads as have failed on the nappy front 🙁

  20. Kyla says:

    Lots of great ideas here, I got some of the items mentioned for Christmas to add to my eco stash.

  21. Laura Gathercole says:

    Love this! (I know I’ve commented before, testing out why I’ve got a profile pic of my OHs!)

  22. Siomha Ni Mhuircheartaigh says:

    <3 doing my best but could do better!!

  23. Becky Brown says:

    Love these! Straws are top of my list to do next. I’d also like to get myself some nice lunch stuff 🙂

  24. Courtney nicol says:

    Great ideas!

  25. Charlotte says:

    Cling film and plastic sandwich/freezer bags is a big one for me. Have reduced Sarnie bags loads with a planet wise wrap (also brilliant for picnics etc) and using reusable shower cap things instead of cling film. Once those have died I’ll be investing in some abeego wraps

  26. Ali Coleman says:

    Great ideas here, I’ve made some of these changes already but have more to make in 2018 🙂

  27. Heather Calver says:

    Aww Loren, don’t feel like you’ve failed, every little bit helps and there are all sorts of reason why things don’t work out as we planned 🙂

  28. Kirsty Williams says:

    I am determined to cut our plastic waste this year. I have just ordered a picnic pack for the car. We are gluttons of convenience! But it’s time to put that to one side and really ditch some more plastic. We’ve already adopted changes since finding babipur 2 years ago and intend to continue furthering ourselves! X x

  29. Jade Taylor says:

    I’ve been looking at getting a mooncup and cps for after I’ve had my baby in the New year!

  30. Jessica says:

    Thanks to Babipur, I’ve already got my KK for Christmas. My New Year’s resolution is ditching the plastic wrap and paper towels! Some Abeego wraps are definitely going to be in my next purchase!

  31. Ines says:

    Thanks for this tips. I am already moving to cps and cup. I am afraid to late for nappies (thing that I really, really regret). More helpful ideas really welcome. Thanks Babipur!

  32. Hellen says:

    My next change has to be cling film.

  33. Ashli Ross says:

    I use cloth with my youngest, we are building our collection of KKS to eliminate buying plastic bottles out and about, and I’m looking to buy some sandwich wraps very soon.
    It broke my heart watching the mummy whale with her dead calf on blue planet, we are slowly killing this planet and only we can stop it! Keep fighting the fight Babi Pur.

  34. Nicky says:

    Been considering a moon cup for when periods restart after birth of my little boy. Also just bought some KK straws for our little girl. Will make more of an effort to reduce use of plastic bottles etc this year!

  35. Lauren says:

    I’ve shared this in the hope some of my friends might have a read, most think I’m a hippie for doing these things!

  36. Hannah says:

    I have made a few of these switches in the last year (thanks to Babipur!) hope to make a few more as well, mainly need to remember to take reusable bags when I drive to the shop as I’m used to putting everything under the pushchair and not needing a bag when we walk

  37. Nico says:

    Really interesting read, thanks. Stupidly I hadn’t thought about cling film and the consequences of its use. I will be looking at investing in some food wraps and reusable straws for our family over the coming months.

  38. Hannah Draper says:

    Thankyou for this, I definitely want to reduce my waste in 2018, especially plastic!

  39. Seralynne says:

    We started out zero waste journey last summer. Making progress but still lots to do. We have been using terracycle for things like toothpaste tubes and biscuit wrappers. I’ve ordered a guppybag to help with clothes fibres…and using our kk straws and reusable drink bottles and cups.

  40. Merike Kink says:

    Thank you for very good tips! Im already working on 4 of those points! ?

  41. Cheryl Archer says:

    Love this! Have already made a good start on 9/10 of these ?

  42. Laura says:

    Love this article. Going to head over to fb and share ? x

  43. Hannah says:

    We aren’t nowhere near ‘perfect’ but we are managing 5 out of ten suggestions so far…roll on 2018 and we can try and work on the other 5 suggestions!!

  44. Hannah James says:

    Thanks so much for this! Just making my to do better list for the new year, need to look into food wraps and csp and actually get into a routine of using the few cloth nappies I do have, even if it’s only part time to start with.

  45. Hayley says:

    Absolutely love this, think we’re pretty much following all these tips, but could try harder. Will be getting on the homemade soap bars this week.

  46. Delyth says:

    Definitely going to implement more of these this year – have done a few already but am going to change more in 2018 – going to focus on the small changes – No more water bottles…

  47. Fiona says:

    Very helpful :^) We always carry reusable bags around, got KKs for myself and the baby for Christmas, and straws for the bigger boy as he does love drinking through a straw, so that’s the first four covered already! Haven’t had a post-baby period yet, but will definitely be trying out CSP when they do come back.

  48. Hannah says:

    Great ideas. I’m going to try hard this year. One step at a time starting with bottles for my kids. Fed up sistema ones cracking

  49. Sophie Hewitt says:

    Love this blog. Taken some great tips away with me. Thank you ❤️

  50. Emily Woodcock says:

    Some fantastic ideas here, here’s to our plastic free 2018!

  51. Claire says:

    Good ideas here to take away, will be making it my new years resolution

  52. Felicity jenkinson says:

    Thanks love this article. I’d decided to make it my New Years resolution a while ago and once you put your mind to it I think there are loads of small changes I can make. Cling film is definitely my next change. I’m also going to give some of the products youve mentioned as birthday presents to start spreading the love. Thanks babipur x

  53. Rowena says:

    We’re achieving 6 out of 10 so far! Great tips thankyou ?

  54. Emma D says:

    Lots of great ideas. We have ditched single use straws but still need to order stainless steel ones. I hope to make my own wax wraps to in hope to replace cling film.

  55. Kate says:

    Good advice! Going to try and cut out cling film next.
    Need to change my mindset from doing what is cheapest or easiest, to become more considerate of the impact of my actions

  56. Judith hicks says:

    Klean Kanteens all round

  57. Gail Gibson says:

    What a fab article – doing a great job of raising awareness of plastic waste – such an important issue!

  58. Gemma says:

    Great tips for beginners like myself, have got a kk and organicup from you so just need to order a few other bits to help me along the way!

  59. Lois says:

    I must look into cloth sanitary pads in 2018. I use a cup but would like an alternative sometimes.

  60. Kathrin Felber says:

    An interesting read – we already do quite a few of these, but are still using cling film. So replacing cling film with food wraps and reusable bags will make a good resolution for 2018!

  61. Sarah Bryant says:

    I’ll be trying a few of these changes, thanks for the tips.

  62. Siobhan says:

    Some great tips here! I have klean kanteen bottles, thermos and straws firmly on my wishlist!

  63. Jessica Kidby says:

    I think clingfilm will be the hardest change for us, however we have cut down a lot by using reusable containers instead x

  64. Anna says:

    This is such a thought provoking piece thank you!

  65. Erin says:

    I’m bad for waste. Certainly should try harder!

  66. Hannah seale says:

    I’m going to look into getting rid of cling film for January and then I will look at getting some soap bars for hand washing

  67. Amy Withey says:

    My changes this year are reusable bottles, reusable straws and csp. Weve been usibg reusable bags for a long time (i have an impressive collection all kept inside one GIANT bag haha)

    i might look at buyibg abeego too tganks babipur

  68. Heather Calver says:

    Jessica I thought that too, but I honestly never miss it!

  69. Lis says:

    Excellent tips and a great way to get people started, especially those who feel a bit lost and overwhelmed. I plan on trying CSPs and have gotten my sister interested in doing so as well x

  70. Laura Nicholls says:

    My New Years resolution is to use less plastic. Small changes to start with and will hopefully influence family too. P.s I had no idea there was plastic in tea bags until recently.

  71. Xanthe says:

    This has been really helpful to demonstrate some of the small things we can do to make a change. My family already do a few of these but I’m putting the reusable straws on my next order from bp and will be seeing what other changes I can make.

  72. Kate says:

    Bought the straws a while back when they were on offer, but haven’t used them yet! One of my new year’s resolutions! We already cloth bum & I’ve used a moon cup for years (even before I discovered babi pur.. Shock horror!)

  73. Raimy says:

    Planning on changing my period next. Then tackling the cling film!

  74. Umalini Kathirgamanathan says:

    I’d love to get my little one reusable straws and use reusable sandwich wraps. Slowly slowly…

  75. Lesley Maries says:

    Thank you for this reminder, already do most of the above but a klean kanteen for my toddler and some cling film alternative are my next steps! Then to try to switch away from the plastic tupperware…

  76. Laura Maskell says:

    I really want to make a difference in how much food packaging we get through this year. I have 2 babies in cloth nappies, I use csp, try to use fabric totes where I remember, and I’ve just received an insulated flask and some steel straws for Christmas. I know my contribution is only small but I want to feel like I’m making a difference.

  77. Caroline Betts says:

    I want to try out cloth diapering

  78. Am says:

    A very helpful and informative read. Thank you

  79. Beverley Wright says:

    Great post. So happy we achieved some of these in 2017. Most surprising was how easy it was to use other options once the last clingfilm roll had run out. Cling film free. Yey! Am looking to doing even more in 2018. Thanks for the inspiration.

  80. Lucy says:

    Great ideas. I am doing most of them. It is sometimes the small things that you don’t immediately think of that can have a big impact

  81. Joey lees says:

    Brilliant tips. Some I follow already and some I need to start doing.

  82. SC says:

    I’d love to use reusable food wrap as well as the Keep Leaf type packaging we have, but Abeego isn’t vegan. I know there are alternative plant waxes which can perform the same function, any chance Babipur might look into stocking a vegan alternative please?

  83. Anita says:

    I bought the keep leaf wrap and love it. I’ve thought that soap was the original low impact product for a while. Why are people addicted to handwash?

  84. Mel says:

    Love this! Definitely taking a few more of these things with me into the new year – one step at a time x

  85. Louisa says:

    I really hope to complete the full 10 by next year – on about 6/10 so far!

  86. Magdalena Harry says:

    Great advice! Started on few of the above already, keen to continue in the New year. Switching to soap bars is one of the main points to achieve (too many toiletries received as Christmas presents ?) if it comes to buying clothes I mainly try to buy in charity shops…but should try and buy less next year?

  87. Rosie says:

    I do most of these but plan on getting some reusable straws as I’ve found that when I order juice for my son it often comes with a straw – which he loves. Keeping a washable one in a bag will remind me to ask them to serve the drink without a straw but keep my son happy at the same time!

  88. Sian says:

    Great tips I will definitely be looking into not using cling film we already use cloth nappies, Breastpads and csp

  89. Sarah James says:

    Reusable coffee cup = my new year resolution ?

  90. rosalind westwood says:

    a really helpful post my new year’s resolution is to reduce our plastic usage and this has helpex

  91. Rachel says:

    This is a really useful round up to point people towards when they ask what they can do individually (and a handy reminder for all of us!) Thanks!

  92. K Stott says:

    What a great post am going to share this with everyone I know. We cloth bum and have reusable straws and bottles/coffee cups and want to try and do more of these next year

  93. GeZ says:

    Who knew you had a blog…not me…. but then I am a bit rubbish with Tech.
    I think a kids kk will be nextas husband loves his insulated.

  94. Ellen O'Driscoll says:

    Love this, I refuse to buy plastic bags, even if I’ve forgotten to bring one! Just got some metal straws as well! 🙂 x

  95. Thisismesirving says:

    Lovely entry, beautiful photos and grand ideas. Well done Heather xx

  96. Natasha Wakelin says:

    Great ideas! I agree and as you say a small change will make a big difference. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. I’ve becoming more and more environmentally aware and so is my husband we’re both trying to reduce our waste as much as we can for our daughters futures. (Plus the organic kids clothing is amazingly beautiful;) )

  97. Nicola Anne says:

    I can’t wait to improve on our green lifestyle – top of my wish list is the beautiful straws and I’d love to try the beeswax wraps too!

  98. Tiffany says:

    It would be great if you could stock some vegan friendly wax food wraps x

  99. Jen says:

    Going to try number 8 soon

  100. Marie says:

    Def lots great ideas here

  101. Naomi Cross says:

    Great read and amazing ideas! Xx

  102. Angie says:

    Thank you for a great post. I will be sharing this with all my friends and family. 2018 is going to be all about trying to reduce our plastic consumption even more.

  103. Lara Latchen says:

    We are looking forward to ditching cling film here in the new year.

  104. Cat says:

    Only at 6/10 so far, need to tackle plastic in the kitchen but refuse to replace what we have before the end of its life, mainly plastic tubs etc. Abeego wraps are next on my list.

  105. Louise says:

    Thank you for such amazing ideas to get us started. My 6 year old is desperate to help save the baby whales and their fish friends

  106. Wingman chan-ridings says:

    Some brilliant ideas to work on this new year. I’ve done 3 of the 10 and feel better for it already!
    Just need to share this with hubby to convince him!!

  107. Amy says:

    I am going to buy some reusable sanitary towels next month and I am transitioning from disposable to reusable nappies with my 4 month old

  108. Linsey Thompson says:

    Some good tips here diolch babipur

  109. Laura says:

    Great post, makes it look so much easier when the steps you can take are laid out like this!

  110. Becca Wise says:

    Some great ideas, some that we’re already doing but some more ideas of changes we could be making. Hadn’t thought about soap bottles which should be so obvious and is such a simple change so one we can do here straight away!

  111. Radtke Christin says:

    Love those ideas and inspiration. My biggest problem though is how to avoid the single use plastic one gets from supermarkets. Everything is wrapped in plastics…….if you don’t have s good corner shop or market close by it’s hard to avoid those.

  112. Kerry Kenworthy says:

    I’m looking to go full time mummy cloth this year! My friend bought me a new steel bottle for Christmas, although I need another one that fits in my handbag! Reminds me I need another reusable bag as mine has gone into hibernation ?

  113. Rachael Kelly says:

    Thanks for the tips!

  114. Jenny Kraft says:

    Always need to do more. Organisation seems key to reducing plastics. Great simple ideas thanks ?

  115. Cat says:

    New year, new planet ! Excited to make a change to my lifestyle and spread the word. And make lots of lovely eco-friendly purchases of course !

  116. Sarah Marsland says:

    This is one of my resolutions for 2018 to reduce our plastic waste. Thank you for showing me the way

  117. Maya says:

    Interesting article and I will certainly try and reduce even more waste.

  118. Nicky Webb says:

    My new year’s resolution is definitely to make a few changes to become more eco friendly. Let’s hope a small few steps and a few changes here and there can make a difference if we all try. Well done babipur on leading the way on this crucial campaign xx

  119. Danielle R says:

    I’ve just started on this journey and have started by using a cup for the dreaded monthly’s. It’s amazing and I which it started using one years ago. Better for me and the environment a win win.

  120. Heather Calver says:

    Thanks Tiffany, this is definitely something we can look in to x

  121. Kirsty Lunn says:

    It’s actually a lot easier than I thought. Having read the blog we already have insulated KK flasks, thanks to the hubby I now own the cafe cup. We have cloth bummed both our children from birth , one is 2 and starting to potty train and we’re now reusing the nappies on our 3 month old. I started using csp before baby number 2 and we love the organic clothing companies for our cloth bum babies. This year I’m going to try some of the things we don’t do from the list x

  122. Noeleen Wiseman says:

    I think cling film is going to be trickiest- have got some wraps and snack bags but its the covering of half eaten things in the fridge I need to address- might have to try the wax wraps but worried they arent as air tight and things might go stale/hard? Will have to see!

  123. Emma Lunn says:

    Me and my boyfriend were just discussing how we can reduce our plastic waste. We already buy the kids wooden toys and use fabric bags. This article is great for further ideas, I hadn’t even considered the plastic that’s in clothing!

  124. Pippa says:

    Wow! I’m just about there with these 10- it’s nice to look back this year and see so many positive changes. Not in purely organic clothes but reusing for 3rd time will go some way to helping this! I’m hoping my freezer will help me with my next lot of changes- kids snacks package free!

  125. Angharad Preston-Marriott says:

    So helpful as being more eco friendly is my resolution for 2018!

  126. Maricarmen smith says:

    Great tips Babi pur. I am looking forward to stop using cling film, plastic cups. We al ready use cloth nappies and I have a moon cup.

  127. Wendy says:

    Superb post and never really thought that hard about cling film but definitely will source alternatives!

  128. Jen says:

    Just what I was looking for. My husband and I plan to be more green throughout 2018.thank you xx

  129. Lauren says:

    What a great read. Happy 2018 one and all xx

  130. Hannah Allen says:

    Great post – yes I’m there with 9/10 of them, but my big down fall is cling film so this is next on the list to get sorted. I’m also going to sign up to an organic box scheme to get my veggies delivered and not be tempted by prepackaged veg in the supermarket! Thanks Heather x

  131. Abi clarke says:

    Thank you for this. Many I already doing but needed a push for some others. Mainly reusable nappies. I have a load waiting to be used but I wasn’t in the right frame of mind when my lo came along. Time to try again!!

  132. Bryony Jenkins says:

    Really great ideas here! We’re already on our way to being plastic free, we don’t use bags, straws or plastic bottles. Definitely need to purchase some more KK’s though! And my next step is to ditch the cling film!

  133. Rhian says:

    Love this list, I’ve been feeling a bit bogged down that we aren’t doing enough, but actually we do most of these! Tackling the cling film next!!

  134. Zoë says:

    I’m definitely going to get use from reusable straws and the beeswax sheet alternative to cling film. ??

  135. Gail says:

    Straws are next on our list to replace

  136. Miffy Bisset says:

    As a household we’re working to reduce our impact on the world. This has some great ideas to continue to make changes!

  137. Claire Ashton says:

    I’m managing all of the above quite well – except teenager still has a plastic sandwich bag for lunch. Next step is to stop eating things in single use containers.

  138. Helena says:

    Love these ideas, I need to try the wax wraps!

  139. Rebecca Hugill says:

    Great article! We’re trying to reduce how much plastic waste we produce as a household and there are some great ideas here!

  140. Claire Stannard says:

    I’ll definitely be taking this on board for the new year.

  141. Sarah says:

    This post is NY favourite thing I’ve read in quite a while. So many easy ways to make a change

  142. Joanna Muchmore says:

    I was pleasantly surprised by reusable nappies and have converted to reusable wipes too. I will have to give the others a try. I think my daughter will love a KK and will look at getting a lunchbox too. Thanks!

  143. Laura Harrison says:

    We already use reusable nappys for our twins.. would love to try the wax wraps, great ideas Xx

  144. Caroline Skydemore says:

    8 out of 10 – not bad!! My 2 resolutions are shampoo bars not bottles, and reusing as much plastic waste as we can rather than sending to recycling. So, we are looking for ways to repurposed milk bottles, for example, in our gardening projects and for storage around the house. I would rather replace all our plastic with lovely natural materials, but I know that means sending them to either the recycling plant or to landfill!

  145. Emma says:

    The amount of times I’ve struggled out of a shop with armfuls of stuff as I refuse to pay for a shopping bag. Reading this I realise I have something from every point, so this year will be about increasing its usage and converting the family- even my skeptical ‘I use stuff for my convenience’ husband was so shocked by the turtle and the Blue Planet episodes he’s on board.

  146. Catherine says:

    Love this, I’m quite encouraged by how many of these I already do. 2018 is the year for us to ditch the straws and make more use of our KK’s for everyday out and about – especially need to knock the husband McCoffee habit on the head. He admits it isn’t even that enjoyable, it’s just convenient!

  147. Anne says:

    I already have 2 KK. I am planning to get 2 more for my kids and 1 for my husband.
    Soap bar is already in our house. Wax wrap is next on my wishlist. Thank you for your inspiring post.

  148. Marcella Jankac says:

    Thanks for this.
    In 2018 I will definitely move to reusable pads – daily ones as I use menstrual cups and also plan to switch to using reusable wipes instead paper ones. KK bottle will be resolution for my daughter as she learns to drink on her own! 🙂

  149. Helen says:

    Inspired by discovering babipur!! We will be ditching plastic bottles and disposable coffee cups…..and continuing our battle against old kids plastic toys which end up in landfill and going for ethical wood instead!!!!

  150. Helen Tuck says:

    Fantastic advice. Thank you!

  151. Gillian says:

    Love and do a lot of these. The straws are next on my list. I’ve been talking with my 4 yr old a lot about this lately too.
    Most played with toys tgis christmas have definately been the wooden ones.

  152. Bethan O'Sullivan says:

    I do quite a lot of what’s on the list. I’m aiming to make my own dishwashing powder and laundry powder.

  153. Maria says:

    Its a goid one! Better use re-usable bottles.

  154. Claire says:

    Great post, will be trying sandwich wraps this year too x

  155. Kay says:

    Going to try the cling film alternatives this year,

  156. Amy says:

    Thank you so much! Its a great reminder that I am doing something and realistic challenge to step it up. My husband and I have a “family meeting” each new year where we set the tone for the year and this is on the agenda 😉

  157. Claire says:

    I plan on trying to reduce my use of cling film and kitchen towel.

  158. Ola says:

    I am using the straws and insulated klean kanteen bottle. Thanks

  159. R. Metcalfe says:

    Great post! Seven out of ten not bad but going to work at achieving 5, 8 & 10 this year!?

  160. Sally Wood says:

    I already manage 3 out of 10…but have kk straws next on my list.

  161. Hannah Rutledge says:

    Love this article, thank you. My kleen kanteen has been invaluable in reducing the amount of take out hot drinks I purchased. Saved me money and saved the use of plastic lids and cups so it’s win win. Working at the other points ?

  162. Juliette says:

    I didn’t realise so few coffee cups could be recycled

  163. MrsC says:

    7 out of 10 ain’t bad! Straws are the one I can see changing soon. We don’t use them at home but if we eat out (particularly at fast food places) we do use the odd plastic straw. Cling film, I’ve had the same roll for about 5 years it’s so rarely used! I’d like to try making my own wax wraps. Also pledging this year to buy only organic cotton clothing new, or buy second hand to further reduce the impact of “fast fashion”. Other resolutions include composting and ringing fewer chemicals in to our home in the form of cleaning and self care products. Wishing everyone a clean, green 2018 x

  164. Clare W says:

    Some of these I already do but the remaining ones are a real challenge for me…coffee cups, drinks bottles and food packaging are the biggest hurdle, I need to be organised to eliminate them but usually too chaotic leaving the house to have packed reusables.

  165. hannah says:

    Already made a few working hard on my plasic free period. I habve some csp but due to postpartum need extra pads. However found some great bio degreedable and workingon more csp

  166. Anne says:

    Looking forward to trying csp this year

  167. Emily says:

    I am a kK convert and now use sandwich wraps and kK straws, trying to do my but!

  168. Emily says:

    Sorry about mistakey in last message!?

  169. Jolene says:

    haha you’re forgiven xx

  170. Donna says:

    Trying to work my way through these, we currently all have Kks, sandwich wraps and snack bags as a starting point

  171. Sophie Webster says:

    This was a really interesting article! I do a lot if the things but definitely more I could be doing!

  172. Kate Kyffi says:

    Love this list! I detest cling film and its now banned from our house! I try and always take a carrier bag with me, but plan to be more organised and make sure I always have one on me. Also they have introduced reusable plastic cups at work…not ideal…but better then disposable ones! Every little helps! X

  173. Becki says:

    I love this article, such fab tips! I’d love to find an answer to how to freeze raw meat in a safe way without plastic? We use freezer bags right now but all the reusable options can’t be used with raw meat?

  174. Clair says:

    Some great ideas here, will definitely be trying them

  175. Chelle says:

    This is such a helpful post, thank you

  176. Rina Tyson says:

    Found this really useful. Great ideas to implement in every day living. Already adopted several. 🙂

  177. Claire Sjouerman says:

    Feeling inspired by this post. Trying to reduce plastic waste can feel so overwhelming but this has given me some lovely practical ideas to keep with it. I’m loving my new kk & next I’ll be buying some reusable straws & planet wise bag in celestial sea because it’s beautiful & will remind me of how I’m helping keep plastic out the ocean.

  178. Leanne W says:

    In really pleased that a few of these we’ve started doing already. I think the straws, cling film and reusable takeaway cups are easy ways to start and hopefully the rest will
    Follow 🙂

  179. Gracie Lamb says:

    Thank you for this, found it helpful and interesting 🙂

  180. Claire says:

    Feeling inspired by this post. Trying to reduce plastic waste can feel so overwhelming but this has given me some lovely practical ideas to keep with it. I’m loving my new kk & next I’ll be buying some reusable straws & planet wise bag in celestial sea because it’s beautiful & will remind me of how I’m helping keep plastic out the ocean.

  181. Laura D says:

    Some great tips! I’ve become very conscious of this issue and making lots of changes to our lifestyle. Proud to say we are doing most of these already without much effort involved- start with the little things and it will all add up!

  182. Nicola says:

    I’ve been looking at ways to reduce our plastic waste! This is so helpful!! Thank you!!
    The cling film hack is great! I’ll be looking at buying those! Thank you

  183. Bethan O'Sullivan says:

    I’ve switched to stainless steel straws and love them. 🙂

  184. Lauren says:

    What a fantastic aricle! I am aiming to reduce our plastic consumption this year!

  185. Susan Sidebottom says:

    Great page with lots of ideas x

  186. Gemma Loxam says:

    I’m really trying to reuse, recycle and stop buying and throwing pkastic. Bought kks for two more people in my family this week ? xx

  187. Gemma Loxam says:

    I’m really trying to reuse, recycle and stop buying and throwing plastic. Bought kks for two more people in my family this week ? xx

  188. Claire Lowe says:

    I am trying to reduce my single use plastics this year and if I need to buy something new I am trying to source a more eco friendly version rather than always reaching for plastic.

  189. Lindsay says:

    Really interesting read thanks!

  190. Aliyah Shafiq says:

    I didnt even know this blog existed and im super happy to find this post. Heres to a zero waste future ?

  191. catherine says:

    Think i need to try wax covers so glad i moved to cps would never go back so hoping i feel same about other bits if we all do a few little extra bits to stop the amount of plastics it would make a huge change

  192. Emmy Louise says:

    This article was spot on. Definitely want to continue incorporating this into our lives more.
    I am planing on using only cloth bags for shopping as I find I throw out 5p bags too easily xx

  193. Umalini Kathirgamanathan says:

    I think shopping at Babipur will be the best way for me to reduce waste!

  194. Sarah Pumffrey says:

    This is such a great way to find simple changes to help reduce waste. It’s already made me more conscious of what I use in the kitchen and where I might have used cling film I use a lid or plate on top of bowls in the fridge to save using cling film.

  195. Gemma allen says:

    Some great tips here will give some a go!

  196. Mel Smith says:

    We have started to make changes, no plastic straws in the house, taking out our own drinks in our cups, menstral cups, washable nappies (used for my first son and now my second) will now be getting rid of cling film, and soaps.

  197. Grace says:

    Great post! I do need to improve of this! Our cloth nappies need to come back out. Even the week we have been in disposables has made such a difference to our level of rubbish ?

  198. Lucy says:

    I am so pleased to read this and have been inspired – already purchased and in use are KK for me, KK insulated for my 13 month’s milk, KK sippy for him too and planet wise snack bags! Plus we always have reusable bags on us and have done for years!

  199. Marta says:

    Yes, definitely good points! Hope more people will start doing this too! We are doing them all!!?

  200. Mary Steele says:

    I have been working so much harder the past year to reduce our waste. With our daughter starting oavked lunches in September I knew I needed an alternative to cling film and foil, so I got some reusable sandwich and snack bags just for her! We use little pots for an extra bits so most of the time her lunch box is waste free ? Good to practice before I end up with 4 having packed lunches ?

  201. Andi says:

    This is my New Years resolution 🙂
    Any excuse to buy a new KK… 😉

  202. Helen says:

    Enjoyed reading this, already do most of these but have a few to work on this year such as switching to shampoo bars instead of shampoo in bottles.

  203. Irene Wilcock says:

    I must get myself a Babipur tote bag! Great blog post, thank you!

  204. Marie-Claire Pickard says:

    Some great ideas I’ll definitely implement asap!

  205. Ruth says:

    Some good ideas here, we already do some of these, cloth nappies and wipes, csp, shopping bags, I have a kk and have even converted my step daughter to the reusable straws, ? out household is still a work in progress though and I will continue to try and phase out as much plastic as possible from our household, ?

  206. Colleen says:

    Wow fantastic read has made me rethink alot about what I’m using on a daily basis. Will be trying to make changes over time.

  207. Beki says:

    Most of these are things I already do but will be trying to ditch the cling film this year. Its storing things in the fridge and freezer that’s the challenge would be nice to know which of the storage options sold at babi pur are suitable and perhaps to see more things stocked for that purpose

  208. D Webb says:

    Excellent post, lots of great ideas I look forward to implementing.

  209. Debbie torr says:

    Great ideas, we are trying quite a lot

  210. Michaela Owens says:

    I love this post and have shared it with friends and family, I started looking at ways to reduce my plastic use when I was pregnant and thought of the world that would be left behind for my daughter and the future generations.
    I can’t believe the difference in my bins each week and feel so much better knowing I’m not contributing more to landfill

  211. Georgina says:

    I have been looking at ways I can help reduce plastic waste and have a cleaner way of thinking and living to help our environment and our world! This blog does everything and more to help me learn where to start and what to change x

  212. Louise mac says:

    Great article. I use reusable bags and crate for shopping and I’m about to invest in some kk. Considering cloth nappies for my little one but not taken the plunge yet.

  213. Lucy says:

    1, 2, 3, 6, 9 and 10. Not a bad start. We don’t use a lot of cling film here, we use glass storage containers and reusable sandwich wraps. Do need to make the switch with straws and make better choices with my clothes though, the kids usually have organic cotton. Still a ways to go then.

  214. Lynne says:

    Great ideas, we are already doing most, but hadn’t thought about plastic in clothes. Another reason to buy beautiful organic!

  215. Sarah says:

    Thanks this is interesting and helpful, I’m slowly making changes and will get there!! I’d like to see a post about the differences between all the Klean Kanteens available please ?

  216. Cassie Phillips says:

    I love this blog post. I’ve just started to reduce my plastic use, klean kanteens arrived on Saturday and we’ve always used reusable nappies and wipes. I’ll be ordering straws next. The only thing I’ll say is that the outset can be quite expensive. I.e stainless lunch boxes etc. I feel the government should be stepping in to help companies provide such items at a more cost effective price, tax exempt perhaps.

  217. Liz k says:

    Really useful article, helps encourage a less wasteful way of living.

  218. Emma says:

    Fab blog post. Already doing most of these so on the right track 🙂

  219. Roz says:

    Love the last paragraph about not having to be perfect- every little helps. I’ve been feeling guilty about all the things I do that are still plasticky but starting to make little changes is so positive – will keep going!

  220. Anna says:

    I’m trying to refuse all disposable plastics, in particular bags. I buy Frugi clothes, but it is such a shame every item comes wrapped in a plastic bag! Grocery packaging drives me nuts too. Why is a cucumber wrapped in cling film? Why does meat and fruit come on a plastic tray wrapped in plastic? Why is there no cereal in paper packaging? Why can’t you just go grocery shopping with your own containers and skip all packaging?

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