Autumn Crafts – Glückskäfer Flower Press

Autumn vibes are definitely in the air. We love the changing seasons here at Babipur – it seems our buddies and team do as well judging by their fantastic Autumn Crafts! We sent a Glückskäfer Flower Press to our Babipur Buddies Ellie, and Siobhàn to get creative with some autumnal themed activities. It looks like they had a lot of fun!

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Flower Craft with Glückskäfer Flower Press – Ellie & Zee

Zee was so excited to receive the flower press and had already drawn me detailed plans of what he wanted to make. So I collected all the items on his list ready for an afternoon of crafting! 

What we used:

We love autumn and Zee was really keen to show the change in season by using summer petals to create an autumnal picture. Our garden had an array of oranges and reds this summer, so I agreed this was a great idea. We used ökoNORM clay to make our autumn tree and a frame for our picture. You could easily use pencils or other craft items you have at home. 

Zee coloured some thick paper with crayon rocks. He used his hand to roll the tree, branches, and frame from the modelling clay, which is great for motor skills. He carefully selected petals to look like some where still in situ on the tree, and others falling to the ground. The petals were held in place by a dab of ökoNORM glue. 

Not content with one craft (Zee would craft all day if he could), he started on a sun catcher. He used the backing label from an old Babipur invoice and we’ve stuck it up with Babipur tape. You could create this using your own materials too. I opted to use the sticker backing to give it a new lease of life before it was thrown away. 

Zee then noticed the left over paper and some purple petals, and had what could only be described as a cartoon lightbulb moment – That bit of paper soon became a butterfly bookmark! He had drawn bookmarks and cards in his ideas notebook, but he’d clearly seen those petals and got inspired!

Using a tree slice leftover from an old craft activity, he quickly used up the rest of his petals creating another beautiful picture. It so lovely we will hang it on the wall. 

The flower press was easy to use and gave us a great opportunity to explore outside together. I was impressed at Zee’s ability to tighten the screws, (a little fine motor activity there), he may have even been better than me at this!

I can’t wait to see what ideas Zee has next for this flower press. I’m sure it will be full of creativity, just like him. 

Flower Craft with Glückskäfer Flower Press – Siobhàn

We have been trying out the Gluckskafer Small Flower Press recently and have absolutely loved it.

I have 3 boys who are all obsessed with flowers. If asked where they’d like to go for a day out, the answer is often a garden centre, the florist, or a walk where they can pick flowers.

Endless wandering adventures are punctuated with eye spy games to spot colourful blooms, and they come home with pockets full of petals.

The flower press was bound to be a big thumbs up from them and it certainly didn’t disappoint.

From the trip to the florist to find the perfect flowers, to the snipping of their favourites, to the loosening of the wing nuts on the press, they were mesmerised.

The press is a great size for a medium to large flower head and comes with cardboard to press the flowers, and paper to absorb the moisture. The wing nuts are perfect for fine motor skills and little fingers, and a couple of days in the press has given us such beautiful pressed flowers that we can use in different crafts.

To celebrate the welcome of autumn, and one of our favourite days of the year, Bonfire Day, we used our pressed flowers and ÖkoNORM chalks to make fireworks. The flower heads became amazing fireworks, and loose petals that slightly less than delicate fingers may have dislodged from our pressings became the perfect sparks.

These will become posters for our window, and we’ll make some cards to send to family who we aren’t able to see at the moment.

The flower press is such a fab bit of kit and will give my trio endless fun over years.

Huge thanks to Ellie and Siobhan for sharing their fun with us here on the Babipur Blog! 

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