Ethical Gifts for Baby’s First Christmas

Christmas is on its way and this year will be more exciting than ever – we have a baby who will be 9 months at Christmas, as well as his two brothers who are 4 and 6. Babipur have such an amazing collection of gifts for babies, and I wanted to share some of our favourites – from stocking fillers to bigger main presents, and everything in between. 

£5 -£20

Plan Toys Dino Car 

These are perfect for little hands to hold and we’ve been playing with these supervised from 6 months. Made from Plan Wood from exhausted rubber plantations, Plan Toys lead the way in eco toy manufacturing. 

Grapat 6 coloured balls

These are great for rolling and perfectly tactile for little hands. A great add on to other toys, such as a rainbow or Grapat bowls. I love the rainbow colours with the natural wood grain shining through. 

Pop-in Coverall Bib

Close have just brought out two stunning winter prints that are just perfect for Christmas – Fox and Penguin. The stage three bib fits from 6-18 months and is an essential for baby led weaning, keeping mess to a minimum (if that’s possible when weaning!).

I’ve found them easy to wash and they dry quickly. They will look amazing at Christmas dinner, and will come in handy for messy play and crafts as well. Team it up with a kids kanteen and some bamboo cutlery and you’ve got the perfect eco baby Christmas sorted. 

Grimms bead grasper 

This is a popular choice and I can understand why – beautifully made from sustainably managed European hardwood. We have the Grimm’s pastel beads, but the rainbow and natural finish are equally as beautiful. These are so tactical, and babies (and adults!) are mesmerised by the shape, feel, movement and colours of these beads. 

£20 – £40

Grimms 6 piece rainbow 

We all love a rainbow, and for baby the 6 piece is perfect from around 6 months upwards. It is the right size for little hands who will enjoy taking it apart and knocking over towers. As with all Grimms toys, the natural beauty of the wood shines through, with each piece being unique and beautifully crafted. 

Plan Toys Sensory Tumbling balls

I must admit I haven’t taken a lot of notice of these until I saw a video of them on the Babipur Hangout Facebook page, and they’ve gone straight on the Christmas list! Sustainably made from rubber wood and either bright or pastels (I personally love the pastels!).

They have little faces on the side, and a different sensory experience in each one – fluffy fabric a mirror and rattling beads. They can be rolled or stacked too, looking forward to having a play with these on Christmas Day!


Grapat Seasonal Nins

These are absolutely my top recommendation for anyone with a baby – my little one has played with these from just a few months old, and my older boys play with them too, so garenteed to give years of enjoyment! We have the summer set as I loved the colours, but the winter set is very fitting with the season.

Younger babies enjoy holding and handling the different piece (don’t worry there are too big to be a chocking risk) and as they develop taking them in and out of their cloth bag/box. Later they will start stacking, knocking over and ‘posting’ the rings and coins, and putting the nins in and out of the cups (mates). If I could only choose one toy to take to our desert island, it would be these. 

£40 – £50

Plan Toys Water Blocks

These are recommended for 3 years plus as they are quite large – however, I have got them to go on the windowsill of my little ones bedroom for the sun to shine though and we will play with them together.

Beautifully made with smooth wood edges, and really big – they come in three colours and two different shapes. They will go really well with other building blocks, and baby will be fascinated by the way the coloured water moves within the blocks. A really special gift that will grow your child.

£100 +


This is the big one, and maybe not to everyone’s budget, but hear me out! The theory behind this Pikler inspired climbing triangle is to incourage children to move and explore at their own pace. It is an open ended developmental toy that will be used for years to come by your child.

Small babies can be safely put underneath with sensory toys hanging from the rungs, they can use it to pull themselves up to sitting, and later to standing and climbing. Each stage is mastered at the child’s own pace, they will dictate what they are capable of in a safe and controlled manor. 

It has been expertly designed to be an incredibly strong and stable structure, as well as being lightweight, beautiful and easy to store away if needed. The edges are all smooth, the rungs perfectly spaced, and the ‘missing’ top rung allows children to sit on the top for a new perspective. 

We have one for Christmas for all three boys to share – I can’t wait to see what they come up with! From dens, to reading nooks, and seats to watching baby discover his movement, strength and confidence. Designed and handmade in Wales, it’s a toy to treasure. 

I hope that gives you some ideas, there are so many other great things to discover from wooden animals to stackers and festive cloth nappies – what are your favourites? 

Huge thanks to Hannah for sharing some great ideas for baby on their first Christmas x

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