Christmas Gift Guide 2021 : Baby Gift Ideas 0-6 Months

Babipur Christmas Gift Guides

If you’re looking for natural wooden toys and gifts for babies you have come to the right place! We specialise in natural toys for babies, we only stock toys that are safe to chew on made from natural wood and natural rubber and are finished with water safe based paints.

We are proud to stock such a wide and varied collection of ethical wooden and natural toys for babies from the very best sustainable toy brands. But as a parent the choice can be a little overwhelming, so we’ve narrowed it down to some of our favourites. You’ll find some tried and tested toys that kids and eco-parents love and discover some new brands that have arrived on the Babipur shelves this year. So, whether you’re an avid wooden toy collector, or simply trying to navigate the world of babies toys this Christmas then this blog post is for you! Here you’ll find our top baby’s first Christmas toy recommendations.

The Best Natural Toys

We’ve split our Christmas gift guides into age groups to make shopping easier for you. There is of course some overlap, with many toys being loved for years to come by a broad age group. Furthermore, the wonderful thing about lots of wooden toys is that many are ‘open-ended’. This means the child determines how it is played with depending on their developmental abilities.

A simple set of wooden blocks can be explored by babies using hands and mouths, discovering texture, colour, shape and smell. Whereas a toddler will love building towers and knocking them down or sorting and matching colours. Older children will build more complex structures and bring in other elements to extend their play, such as making enclosures for small world play, using them as counters for maths play, and so on!

Christmas Gift Ideas for Babies 0-6 months

Toys for newborns to around the age of 6 months are all about simple sensory toys, rattles and teething toys. As babies start to develop their range of senses and become more aware of the world around them, introducing one or two sensory toys will provide interest and encourage new learning experiences. Natural toys are perfect for this, not overwhelming or overstimulating young, rapidly developing minds.

At 0-6 months, babies are likely to start teething and love to explore toys with their mouths. All our teething toys are made from natural wood, natural rubber and non-toxic paints and dyes. Being free from harmful chemicals and toxins, all these toys are safe for your baby to put in their mouth and chew on.

We’ve selected some of our all-time favourite natural baby toys. Bringing together toys recommended by our Babipur Hangout community, customer favourites and our bestselling baby toys this year. Choosing a natural toy for a new baby for Christmas is a lovely way to introduce children and parents to the wonderful world of wooden toys. From simple wooden graspers from Grimm’s and Heimess, sensory toys from Plan Toys and Nic, and teethers by Oli & Carol, there’s plenty of special gifts that will be loved, kept and passed down to future children. Without further ado, let’s take a look at what makes our Christmas list for babies this year.

Nine of the Best Natural Baby Toys this Christmas

Grimm’s wooden bead grasper 

This beautiful and tactile grasper by Grimm’s is a firm favourite at Babipur. Twelve handcrafted beads are strung tightly together with strong elastic and are the perfect gift for little hands to explore. Babies can start to grasp from around three months, and they will love to feel, mouth and roll these little wooden balls. It’s compact size makes it perfect to pop in your change bag for out and about. You can also wear it around your wrist, which will entertain and mesmerise!

Grimm's Rainbow Beads Grasper Baby Gift for Christmas
Grimm’s Rainbow Beads Grasper

These beautiful wooden beads are made from Maple wood, and been coated with a non-toxic, plant-based oil finish, safe for mouthing and sucking. Coming in natural, bright and pastel, they are suitable from birth. These wooden graspers also make a wonderful natural fidget toy for older children and adults, keeping hands busy and minds focussed. Twisting and rolling the beads is great for de-stressing and calming.

Grimm’s clutching and grasping toys are superb quality and have a timeless appeal. Shop the full range >HERE<

Grimm’s Natural Beads Grasper

Grimm’s Mini Rolling Wheel

This little cylinder rattle with beautiful rainbow coloured spindles and tinkling beads and bell inside is sure to keep little hand occupied. Babies love to roll, shake and play with this colourful wheel, delighting the senses.

Grimm's Mini Rolling Rainbow Wheel a perfect gift for babies
Grimm’s Mini Rolling Rainbow Wheel

Beautifully made in the Grimm’s workshop, it also comes in two sizes, big and small and is suitable from birth. Made from lime wood and has been coated with a non-toxic, plant-based oil and water-based colour stain. Perfect for showing off the natural beauty and grain of real wood.

Discover the world of Grimm’s for babies

Plan Toys Wobbly Penguin

This sweet Penguin toy by top sustainable toy brand Plan Toys wobbles and spins to the delight of little babies. This wibbly wobbly penguin is painted with bold black and white markings that will attract babies attention. Your baby will discover movement, balance and force, as they reach out and try pushing over this egg shaped toy. Moreover, its a great toy for tummy time, stimulating baby’s senses and encouraging visual development.

Plan Toys Wobbly Penguin baby gift ideas 2021
Plan Toys Wobbly Penguin

Made from sustainable rubber wood and painted with child-safe water-based colour, the Plan Toys penguin is suitable from 6 months + or younger with supervision as it’s not a choking hazard.

Find out more about the fabulous Plan Toys >HERE<

Oli & Carol Ramona The Radish

Everyone loves a radish – a favourite in the Babipur Hangout community! Ramona the Radish is a soft and chewable 100% natural rubber toy for teething babies.

This realistic radish shaped teether has textured green leaves and a juicy round pink root and looks good enough to eat! Soft and squishy, little hands and mouths will love to grasp and explore the different textures making it a great sensory toy. Oli & Carol natural rubber toys don’t have any holes so are perfect for bath time fun too. Totally hygienic, safe and fun for babies.

If radishes aren’t quite to your taste, there are lots of other Oli & Carol fruit and veggie teethers >HERE<

Oli & Carol 100% natural rubber bath toys
Oli & Carol 100% natural rubber bath toys

Plan Toys Sensory Tumbling

Three little sensory balls which will keep your babies entertained as they push them over to see the different faces appear. Peek inside to find a different treasure in each one! Discover fluffy fabric, a mirror to look into and three tiny rattling balls safely behind a transparent cover. This tactile toy is perfect for stimulating your baby’s senses. They’re a fun challenge to stack too!

Babies Gift Guide Plan Toys plastel : sensory 2
Plan Toys Pastel Sensory Tumbling

These sensory tumbling toys are made from sustainable rubberwood and decorated with eco paints. They make a fantastic educational toy for growing tots and are safe for teething gums too.

Available in pastel and bright sets.

Plan Toys Pastel Sensory Tumbling

Nic Organic Carousel Rattle

Nic wooden toys make wonderful traditional wooden toys for babies in Germany from sustainably sourced wood and natural pigments. Built to last for future generations, the Organic Carousel Rattle has a natural finish, totally safe for new babies who like to suck and chew on their toys. This lovely wooden rattle is easy for babies to grasp the smooth warm wooden surface. Tiny fingers will love shaking the balls around and exploring each one individually. A fabulous sensory toy, perfect for a new baby at Christmas.

Nic Organic Carousel Rattle baby 0-6 months christmas gift
Nic Organic Carousel Rattle

Keptin Jr Cozy & Zmooz Doll 

Keptin Jr use natural and organic materials to produce the very best comforters for babies. The familiar feel and smell of these comforters helps babies to settle and children often become attached for many years. Made from 100% organic cotton, this baby comforter is beautifully soft with tight knotted arms. The natural wool stuffed head encourages grasping and chewing, along with the smooth wooden ring. A really lovely simple Waldorf comforter doll that will be treasured for years to come.

Keptin Jr Cozy & Zmooz Doll With Ring - Natural Brown
Keptin Jr Cozy & Zmooz Doll With Ring – Natural Brown

Plan Toys Square Clutching Toy

The Plan Toys Square Clutching Toy is a flexible wooden cube perfect for clutching and fiddling! Made with sustainable rubberwood and partly decorated with eco paints. It’s perfect for little babies who love to explore everything with their mouths. Babies will love shaking the cube and hearing the two rings rattle, honing their motor skills as they play.  These wooden clutching toys also make a wonderful natural fidget toy for older children and adults, keeping hands busy and minds focussed. A great eco toy for a new baby and will delight them for months to come.

Plan Toys Square Clutching Toy
Plan Toys Square Clutching Toy

Bajo Baby Gym

We love Bajo wooden toys – super sustainable, fantastic quality, and fabulous design. This beautiful and contemporary wooden baby gym will be a perfect place for baby to lay beneath and watch the colourful shapes above them. Made with sustainable beech and sycamore wood, and painted with non-toxic eco paint. This is a top notch baby gift idea for 0-6 months, up to the age where they are sitting independently.

Bajo Baby Gym a contemporary wooden baby gym. Baby Gift Ideas 0-6 Months
Bajo Baby Gym

Baby gyms support development by encouraging use of tummy, neck, arm muscles to help learning to crawl. Baby’s will love to play under this baby gym, and green parents will love the beautiful, natural design, sustainable materials and top ethics.

Find out more about Bajo over on our blog post >HERE<

We hope that has given you lots of inspiration for baby gift ideas 0-6 months this Christmas! Don’t forget there are lots more natural baby toys to discover over at Babipur!

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