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Guest Blog Rosie Burford

Spending time outside is so important for both our physical and mental health. There are many advantages to continue getting outside through the colder months whilst winter babywearing, and getting some exercise too.

Benefits of winter babywearing

One of the biggest advantages of babywearing when getting out and about in the winter, is that keeping your baby close to you helps to regulate their temperature. Keeping them close prevents them from getting too hot or too cold.

Using a carrier or sling means that you are not confined to certain paths, and your hands won’t be getting cold on the handle of a pushchair! Of course all the usual benefits of babywearing still apply. You can read more about those on our blog ‘The benefits of babywearing‘.

Sometimes the idea of babywearing in the winter can seem a bit daunting. I hope I can make things a bit clearer with this handy guide!

What is the best way to wear a coat when winter babywearing?

The safe option for smaller babies, and a great choice for bigger babies too, is to wear one coat over both of you.

If you have a toddler who wants to walk some of the time but gets tired and needs carrying sometimes too, wearing the sling or carrier over your coat is also an option.

How to dress baby and adult sharing a coat

Both you and baby have each other’s body heat keeping you warm. The sling or carrier is as an added layer too, so if baby is going inside the coat, aim to dress both of you in regular indoor clothes.

It is important that baby is comfortable so a couple of thin layers of comfy cotton clothes are best. I tend to go for a long sleeved vest, footless playsuit or baby grow and a footless hooded onsie for little one.

If you want to dress them in something with integrated feet – size up and make sure they have plenty of room around their toes once in the carrier. Trouser legs have a tendency to pull tight when being carried. Once you are carrying baby in the sling you can put a babywearing coat over both of you, to keep the elements at bay. 


There is a fantastic range of Mamalila babywearing coats, so there is sure to be one to suit your needs. I chose to buy the Rain Jacket as I could layer up underneath it when it was very cold. The majority of the time when it’s mild but wet, it keeps us both nice and dry without us overheating.

I have had my coat for a year now and wear it all the time. It has such a lovely shape that it’s still my favourite coat, even when I am not babywearing! Like all Mamalila coats, there is a pregnancy insert to allow room for bump, and a babywearing insert that you can use when carrying the baby on the front or back. Of course you can wear it on its own as a normal jacket too!

Keep those toes toasty!

It is important to remember to cover baby’s head, hands, and feet when its cold. These extremities that are not being kept nice and cosy by the sling and your body heat, and as a result will feel the cold the most.

You can get little winter booties from Mamalila which are thoughtfully designed not to fall off while being carried. These booties can be used as occasional shoes for short bursts of walking if baby wants to get down and explore! If little legs get tired and need a carry, the mamalila booties also work brilliantly over muddy shoes to keep your clothes clean.

Top tip – If you are breastfeeding and have a sling that allows you to nurse while carrying your baby. Don’t forget to wear a top with access that allows nursing in the sling. This way baby can feed while snug and toasty in the carrier.

If like me, you feel the draught on your neck, you can wear a neck warmer like a Maxomorra tube scarf. Be careful to avoid regular scarves as these can prevent you having a clear view of baby’s airway. This could be potentially be dangerous if they ended up between you and your baby.

You always need to be able to see your baby, so make sure they are not completely covered by the babywearing insert.

How to dress for carrying on top of the coat

When carrying a toddler on the outside of your coat much the same applies as for a smaller baby. Avoid wearing a puffy, bulky coat as this can affect the fit of the carrier.

The child will need their own outer layer, plus a thin waterproof all in one. We like the Frugi rain or shine suit, or a hooded onesie over their clothes which us usually plenty. Avoid padded jackets and thick snow suits as they prevent the child from sitting correctly in the carrier, and could potentially overheat.

As with being carried under the coat, it is important to make sure the extremities, head, hands, and feet, are kept warm. Again the Mamalila booties are excellent for this.

Top tips

Travel light, don’t bring your full, all eventualities covered change bag with you. Instead, pack a specific bag for the outing with just what you need in it. If you are driving somewhere for a walk, you could leave spare clothes and extra nappies in the car. You might not even need a bag at all if you are doing a relatively short walk, or staying close to home or the car. 

Babipur have recently started stocking Chicobag bottle slings, which are great if you just want to carry a drink whilst you are babywearing.

For winter walks with toddlers

Most carriers fit in the Close Parent pop-in stuff sack. The clasp makes it really easy and comfortable to carry like this, or clip to a bag when your toddler is happy walking.

You can wear your Mamalila coat without the insert and it just looks like a stylish coat! Pop the babywearing insert in the coat pocket or sling bag. You then have the option to wear them over or under your coat when they get tired.

When the toddler with wet or muddy shoes wants to be carried, the Mamalila booties can be put over the shoes to keep your clothes or coat clean.

I believe that the benefits of babywearing needn’t stop in the winter. I hope this guide has given you the confidence to carry your baby safely and securely this winter.

Here to help

Huge thanks to Babipur Buddy Rosie Burford for sharing her personal experience of winter babywearing and babywearing brand Mamlila with us on the blog.

At Babipur we believe babywearing is something to be cherished, natural and universal. Holding your baby close helps them to feel safe and secure, strengthening the bond between parent and child. If you need help and advice choosing the right baby carrier for you do give our Customer Service a call or message. We have trained sling consultants on the team to help. Always follow the TICKS guidelines for safe baby wearing.

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