Tula Baby Carrier – What Size Do I Need?

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Baby or Toddler Tula?

Do I need a regular baby size Tula or toddler size Tula?  It’s one of the most frequent questions asked by our customers here at Babi Pur. If you are wondering what size Tula carrier you need, you probably already know about the benefits and unique features of this great carrier. Here’s a quick reminder.

The Tula Ergonomic Carrier:
  • Can be used to both front and back carry
  • The Tula baby carrier can be used from 15-45 pounds, with optional accessory ‘Tula Infant Insert’ can be used from birth
  • The Tula toddler carrier can be used from 25-50lbs
  • Provides an ergonomic M-position seat supporting optimal development for baby’s body
  • Quick to put on and adjust a wide range of users with buckles and straps
  • Is hand made in Europe from 100% Öko-Tex Standard 100 certified cotton
  • Includes a removable hood to support baby’s head while asleep, protect from sun or wind, and allow for comfortable breastfeeding
  • Includes a front pocket for storing on-the-go necessities

The answer to the question “which size Tula do I need, baby or toddler?” is of course, the size that fits and keeps both you and baby safe and comfortable. We’ve put together a little guide to help you out which includes some right and some wrong size examples.

Here I am carrying Rhys (who is 1 year old and weighs 28lbs) in a baby Tula. You can see that his bottom is lower than his knees and he’s deep in the seat forming a good “M” position. This is a really comfortable position for both Rhys and myself.


Safety and comfort

Many people are tempted to buy the toddler Tula a little early. Who amongst us doesn’t buy baby clothes with a bit of growing room?  Also the word “toddler” implies a little one who toddles around, maybe a 12 month or 18 month old. However, the standard Tula is most often the correct choice at this age.  Buying the right size carrier is really important for both you and your baby’s safety and comfort.

In this picture I’m carrying Rhys in a toddler carrier. He’s within the toddler weight range but as you can see his legs aren’t able to bend at the knee comfortably. There is excess fabric which means Rhys can wriggle and move about. This feels unsafe and uncomfortable and I’m reluctant to let go of him. I certainly wouldn’t be able to go about my business whilst carrying him in the toddler carrier.


Note in this second picture how the sole of Rhys’s foot is not able to point toward the floor, another sign that the Toddler size is to big here.


Your baby needs to be snug and secure just as they would be if you were holding them. If there is too much room no matter how much you adjust the straps your baby will not be in the correct position. Your baby’s knees need to be able to bend freely outside of the leg holes. To correctly fit into a toddler Tula your baby needs an “M” measurement of at least 19 inches. To find the “M” measurement you need to measure the inseam from one knee all the way up, across and back down to the other knee.

Weight limit

It’s worth remembering that the weight limit between the toddler and baby Tula is just 5lbs. Your baby Tula won’t suddenly stop working once your baby becomes a toddler!
As your baby grows you can buy Free To Grow Extenders which will allow you to extend the use of your carrier by widening the seat making it more comfortable to carry older children.

This photo shows the size difference between the baby Tula and the toddler Tula.

Tula baby toddler size comparison

Selling your baby carrier on

One of the really cool things about Tula baby carriers is that they hold their value well. If you decide that you need to change from a baby to a toddler version in the future you should be able to sell your carrier easily for not too much less than what you originally paid.  In fact if the print you have is no longer available you can often sell for more than the usual retail price.

As your baby grows the Toddler Tula is a fantastic way to continue your babywearing (or toddlerwearing) adventures.

Here’s a quote from one of our customers Emma about why she loves her toddler Tula:

“I use our Tula carrying to and from playgroup mostly. I work at the playgroup too so it saves having to drag a buggy there and back, which affects my back…I’ve had 2 surgeries to remove prolapsed discs. The Tula baby carrier is so comfortable for me to wear my son. He’s around 32lbs but I find I don’t really feel his weight much. This is due to the placement of the straps and weight distribution. He loves being carried as it means he can see so much more, especially in crowded areas. It’s great for me too, as I have my hands free, it means I can hold him close for a little longer. So glad I went ahead with buying our Tula”.

Here’s Kaden who is 3.5 years old being carried by Mum and Dad. You can see that he’s happy and the fit is really good.

toddler tula size
tula toddler carrying

Baby Tula

If you’re still unsure of which size Tula baby carrier to buy and you’re unable to try one out at a sling library then it’s worth remembering that the standard baby Tula is a large carrier compared to many other brands, and the upper weight limit is 45lbs.  If you think you’re borderline then we’d usually recommend going with the baby size. It’s easy enough to size up later and you’ll have lots of fun choosing your next favourite print too. Feel free to contact us through any of our media channels or give us a call if you’d like some help with baby carriers.

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  1. Amanda J Henderson says:

    Hi im still a little unsure which carrier my son should be using hes 15mon, 31in long and 24lbs. Fits in 18 mon pants well. From those measurements which size would u think is best standard or toddler??

  2. Jayne Bedford says:

    I think you’d likely be better with the “baby” size Tula. Don’t forget the weight limit of the baby size is 45lbs.

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