A Review Of The Integra Baby Carrier – By Poppy Yasmin

Poppy chose the Integra baby carrier size 2 Rainbow print carrier to review. This is a soft structured buckle carrier suitable from around 18 months or 22lbs/10kg up to three and a half years of age. Here’s what she has to say:

“Me and my 9 month old daughter have been trying out the lovely rainbow integra courtesy of Babipur. Although she’s only 9 months old she’s tall and chunky and just over 23lbs so we opted for the size 2.

We baby wear every day so a comfortable carrier is essential. One that looks as stunning as this is certainly a plus! We have received so many compliments about it and although appearance isn’t everything the rainbow stripes really are amazing and eye catching. Some people say black goes with everything, I’m a firm believer in rainbow goes with everything.

A compact baby carrier

The Integra folds up neatly into a compact package that you can secure with the accessory strap so it’s perfect for popping in your bag in case of emergency sling snuggles if you’re out about.

I found it really easy to get a comfortable fit front carrying. The straps cross over your back and are adjustable both sides of the buckles (which are nice and chunky). This means you can pull the straps tight easily from two angles which is something different to other buckled carriers we have. The hood is also secured with buckles which are nice and sturdy and easy to adjust from use as additional neck support to a hood for baby, perfect on the go. The hood is lovely and wide so gave great coverage in our daily Manchester downpours and kept Idelisa snug and dry but still easily in view. 

Dance like a mother

We attend dance like a mother classes (baby wearing dance) and now she’s bigger she loves being back carried so she can see what’s going on. I found the Integra was really easy to use for back carrying as the fabric is nice and smooth for hip scooting and the straps are padded over the shoulders. It’s lightweight and supportive enough that we were both comfortable during our classes. Safe carrying is obviously extra important during exercise and this has not disappointed, no slipping or slackening. 

Comfort and style

We’ve been out on hikes around the nature reserve and done our shopping trips all in extreme comfort and style. I’m delighted with this carrier. 

I will say initially I felt the fabric was a little stiff but this has already softened beautifully in the few weeks we’ve used it. The attention to detail in the finish of the carrier is really high end from the stitching to the stripes on the hood matching up when not in use. The final bonus for me is the little loop on the waistband so you can store the accessory strap when not in use, the number of people I know that have lost straps this is a genius addition! 

Overall this is an excellent carrier and should last us a great while. We love it and highly recommend. 

Huge thanks to Poppy for testing the Integra baby carrier for us and giving her thoughts.  Find the full range of Integra carriers >here<

Find out more about the benefits of babywearing >here<

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