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If you don’t already know Tula is fantastic babywearing brand of ergonomic baby carriers, toddler carriers, woven wraps and ring slings.  They’re known for their supremely comfortable carriers that come in the most beautiful patterns and prints.  Cecilia loves babywearing and she LOVEs Tula so when she heard that Tula’s creator, Ula, was coming to her home town of Edinburgh…. well, here’s the story.

Ceclia writes

So yesterday was a happy day for Isla and I. A lovely Scottish mama organised a playdate with Ula’s children and our little ones – Ula is Tula ’s creator and owner.
The kids had great fun playing in the park together, having ice cream and just being kids- I loved spending time with Ula and talking babies, raising children and of course, talking TULAs.


I bought a couple of ring slings from Babipur last week and took one along with me yesterday in the hope Ula would help me achieve the perfect fit. She was so thorough and very helpfully gave me some tips.
I was lucky to have a personal photographer – my mum; so I thought I would share
some pictures here.

Ula showed me how to thread the fabric through the rings, just as you would thread a belt

Tula and Ula Ring Sling

Adjusting ring sling

threading ring sling

I was told that it was important to spread the fabric through the rings, making sure it was not twisted

Ring sling nicely threaded

putting on a ring sling

Tula ring slings

Ring sling woven

She said it was important to ensure baby was in the natural M position

seat ring sling

Once baby is in the correct M position I should lift the panel up behind baby’s legs

getting a good seat

Ula showed me how to gather the excess fabric and move it towards the ring

ring sling baby seat

Ring Slings getting it right

good ring sling seat

After adjusting the shoulders she said that personally she does an extra ‘loop’ on the ring with the tail fabric, to ensure only the fabric touches baby’s face, not the rings.

ring sling position

Waling ring slings

Then we were ready to enjoy our walk towards the park and have lots of fun with our babies

Wear all the babies


Here at Babipur we stock a wide range of Tula baby carriers, toddler carriers, wraps and ring slings which you tula carriers.  The designs are always changing so if you see one you like grab it fast.


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