STEMspiration – SHADOWS


We’ve used the Bajo Tangram to do a shadow shape activity today. Using some of the suggested designs from the Booklet that comes with the Tangram we’ve drawn round the shapes on plain paper to make a shadow stencil.

This is a super simple activity that kept our little ones entertained most of the rainy afternoon. They all took turns matching each piece to their respective shadow outline and naming the different types of shapes used.

Then they created their own shapes and patterns and one of them used the Okonorm chalks to colour them in!

You can do this with any toy for a fun matching game or shape sorting activity. It is a good way to get little ones thinking logically and get them used to geometric shapes and angles.

The Bajo Tangram comes in blue and red and is a really versatile set and a great size. Perfect stocking filler too!


You can find out all about the current STEM challenge >here< and you have a week left to enter to try and win a £20 Babipur voucher to spend on wooden animals of your choice.

Make learning fun with Babipur!


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