STEMspiration – SEASONS

 STEMspiration – Seasons!

We don’t think jigsaw puzzles get enough here at Babipur. they are great for independent play as well as encouraging logic and problem solving.

We stock a wide range suitable for all the ages. We couldn’t resist sharing this Alphabet Seasonal Tree Jigsaw with you today as it’s the perfect visual for the Seasons. It even comes in Welsh!

The trunk of the puzzle (top tip: assemble this bit first!) divides the tree into 4 sections for; Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter. Each section then includes lovely details and images for the seasons; flowers, animals, the weather all slot together nicely with the chunky pieces.

We’ve used the puzzle as a starting point for a #babipurmandala of sorts! The children then added the Ambrosius Weather fairies where appropriate and Grimms Celebration Ring figures from our Seasonal Display Table to show their understanding of the season wheel.



This puzzle is great for siblings or adults if you want to indulge in a mindful activity. You can find the rest of the Alphabet range here, which includes a wide variety of themes and even fridge magnets!


You can find out all about the current STEM challenge >here< and you have a week left to enter to try and win the PlanToys Weather Dress-Up Puzzle. We’re loving your entries so far and we love looking at how you make learning fun with Babipur!


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