STEM Inspiration: Gravity

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We’re over a week into this fortnights STEM challenge now and the theme for this one is Gravity! You can find all the details on our previous post >here<

We’ve got some quick ideas for you today on how you can make learning fun whilst exploring gravity.

Einstein came up with an understanding and theory of  gravity when he saw an apple fall from a tree. We used our Plan Toys cutting fruit and vegetable set to illustrate this by dropping the apple and talking about the forces that bring it down.

We then got carried away with the Grapat Mandala pieces and made an apple and talked about how they grow and that you can see the seeds inside. They only fall when they’re ready and it’s the weight of them that causes them to tumble to the ground.

The prize this fortnight is the 6 piece Grimms rainbow. You can do so much with this little tunnel. Ramps for cars to roll down or for Nins to climb over. You can use them over train/road tracks for fun small world play. You can also create beautiful structures that seem to defy gravity!

One of our favourite stacks with the rainbow is this one known as the “flower” you have to balance it just right so the weight is evenly distributed. The petals of the flower as it were act as a counter weight which in turn keeps the stem of the flower upright and perfectly balanced. They don’t last long around tornado toddlers though!

There have already been some really creative entries and lots of ball runs which we love, so we’re really looking forward to seeing what else you come up with this next week!


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