Babipur STEM: Tree Ideas

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We’re over a week into this fortnights STEM challenge now and the theme for this one is Trees! You can find all the details on our previous post >here<

We’ve got some quick ideas for you today on how you can make learning fun and exploring the tree theme.

Pictured here is our Oak Tree focus flat lay. We collected different colours and sizes of leaves along with green and brown acorns. We talked about why they’re different sizes and colours and discussed the dramatic changing of the seasons.

Autumn is definitely all around us now and we went for a walk in a nearby wood and tried to name all the different types of trees whilst we compared them to our Holztiger and Grimms ones!

The prize this fortnight is the lovely Plan Toys Stacking Tree it’s incredibly versatile and helps little one’s with fine motor skills and problem solving whilst being a rather beautiful tree!

The base of this stacker wobbles, which makes it a bit of a challenge for children but it a fab toy for little hands.

Whilst we were playing with the stacker we counted the layers/branches and we sorted by size and length. We then stacked them different ways and talked about how trees have heavier larger branches at the base and lighter smaller branches at the top.

There have already been some fantastic entries, so we’re looking forward to seeing what else you come up with!


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