Babipur STEM: Story Sack Idea


Construction vehicles always hold a certain fascination for little ones. It’s great free entertainment sometimes too! You can easily take a STEM approach to real life situations or books to make them great learning experiences.

We’ve been reading all our builder and construction books and counting all the construction vehicles we can see when out and about.

We love this Lanka Kade digger puzzle. It’s a brilliant size with nice chunky pieces that are easy for toddlers to hold. This puzzle encourages hand to eye coordination alongside logic and problem solving.

Using this puzzle with a book on diggers or construction vehicles is a lovely way to teach your children new words as well as work on their numbers.

The STEM element with this puzzle (or any puzzle) works great as part of developing “engineering” skills and counting to 5 or 10 covers “maths”.

The book we chose to use in our story sack explains all the steps in laying roads so “technology” is covered too making this a fab STEM activity for little ones!

There’s still time to enter the challenge. It closes on Monday at 11am. You can find the details >here< The prize this fortnight is the Plan Toys 50 Set of Blocks.

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