Babipur STEM Challenge: Gravity


This fortnights challenge is ‘Gravity’, we’re sure you can all have lots of fun with this theme. Feel free to use a mix of Babipur goodies, natural stuff or even raid your junk boxes!

The concept of gravity isn’t that hard for little ones to grasp. What goes up must come down and gravity is the force or the pull that does it.

This theme can be explored from any age and you could even do games and mini challenges between children and parents!

We have been playing with the Grimm’s rainbow a lot this week and collapsing it back on itself is hands down the best way to tidy it away before bedtime.

The tunnel is a great visual for this as it starts at the centre and pulls each of the bigger pieces down and around it.


Gravity is responsible for so much so there is lots to explore. Older children could look at from an astronomy angle and learn about the planets and stars.

The moon’s gravity controls the tides – a good one for a sea theme to coincide with a topic at school.

Ball runs and dominoes all work well to demonstrate the effect of gravity and are lots of fun for all the ages.

Dropping stuff!  We can already imagine entries with Grapat Nins/Friends and balls being dropped down the stairs! You could get your children to time see which takes the longest to fall or if there’s a difference with a lighter object and a heavier one.

How do you enter?

All you have to do is post a picture or video on your public Instagram account or in the Babipur Hangout group on Facebook showing you and your little ones good making learning fun with STEM exploring numbers. Use the tag #babipurSTEM so we can find it and on Instagram don’t forget to tag Babipur too!

Multiple entries are encouraged and we’ll post some STEMspiration for you over the fortnight.

The challenge will run for 2 weeks and entries will count from today up to Wednesday 7th November 2018 at 11am. Both the winner and the next challenge will be announced later that day.

What’s the prize?

The prize this fortnight is the beautiful 6 piece Grimm’s rainbow (Choice of in stock natural/pastel/bright). Perfect to show how gravity works for little ones either by collapsing it back into position or by rolling things off the tunnel pieces.

We look forward to seeing what you all get up to with this fortnights challenge!

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    […] We’re over a week into this fortnights STEM challenge now and the theme for this one is Gravity! You can find all the details on our previous post >here< […]

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