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At Babipur, we take great pride in the products we sell. Every brand we work with has been chosen based on their materials, ethics, and sustainability. We also have a love for toys that spark imagination and creativity, inspiring open-ended play where anything is possible. One of the latest brands we are pleased to be working with is Wodibow, so we wanted to share with you a little bit about what makes them special. From magnetic emojis to chalkboard road sets, they really are a little bit special…

Simple Design

Wodibow believe that to play is to learn, and that’s exactly what their toys set out to achieve. ‘A living toy with a shape and a personality defined by your imagination’. They are made from vaporised natural wood, from sustainable European beech forests. Tiny little hidden magnets, make these toys easy to create with; they are simple to take apart and put back together in whatever way your heart desires. Supple and flexible, the little Woonki will be able to get in positions you never thought possible! Created by the most talented carpenters, and doublechecked for the most rigorous quality control; they reach your home in perfect condition.


No batteries needed; your imagination is the power and you can let it run wild! Wodibow believe in creativity and open-ended play opportunities. Create a town with a forest, or a runway for your favourite aeroplane, use speech bubbles or emojis to expand your children’s play, and communicate their ideas and emotions in different ways. The possibilities are endless.

Free from Plastic

Years of thought and design by the lovely people at Wodibow has resulted in toys that are free from glue, plastic, toxic paint, and varnish. They are lovingly made from 100% natural materials; chalk, beech wood, and ecological paint. Solid, sturdy, and sustainable, and not a bit of plastic in sight.

Image credit: Wodibow


Image credit to Wodibow


Wodibow use 100% natural products that don’t contain anything that could pollute or damage the planet, people, or animals. All the toys are born and raised in Segovia, Spain.

Why not take your Woonki on some adventures with you and your family?! We would love to see what you get up to, so use #whereswoonki and share your pics with us on Instagram or in Babipur Hangout too!

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  1. Hannah says:

    Woonki looks great fun – think my boys would love him!

  2. Jo says:

    This is fab – great to know more about them ?

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