Halloween Crayon Rocks – Leaf Rubbings and Shadows

Crisp, dewy mornings. shorter days and changing colours – we are surrounded by natural beauty and inspiration in Autumn. As the temperature cools, I always find myself wanting time snuggling up indoors with my boys, spending time baking and doing simple crafts. Although I enjoy messy play, it’s lovely to do crafts that take little effort to set up and of course, less effort to tidy up too!

The Halloween Crayon Rocks are perfect for mess free crafting. We used them for some simple leaf rubbings and leaf shadows which kept my two boys (aged 4 and 7) entertained while I had a hot cup of Mocha.

Halloween Crayon Rocks

These small rounded crayons are designed to support development of fine motor skills and coordination. Small hands and fingers can easily hold these Rock Crayons and use them for making bold, large tide stroke. Ideal for anyone who is in the early stages of developing pincer grip.

Eli (age 4) has just started school so these are perfect for developing his pen hold, although Crayons Rocks are designed with young hands in mind, my older son, Arthur (age 7) really enjoys the way they feel in his hands as well. The more hand strength and fine motor skills they can develop, the better.

Leaf Rubbings

We had collected some leaves on a walk with interested shapes and veins, with leaf rubbing in mind. Surprisingly we hadn’t done this in ages, and both boys were really excited at the novelty of the this activity!

I have so many memories of doing rubbings as a child in a village I grew up. We used to go to our local church to do brass rubbings, which for me, feels like a quintessential part of growing up. The funny thing is, we probably only did it a couple of times at school, but it has made such an imprint on my mind, I still remember the joy of it today. Sometimes the simplest things, are those that leave the biggest mark.

We didn’t realise we were making memories,

we just knew we were having fun

~ Winnie the Pooh

The Crayon Rocks were perfect for leaf rubbings, nice and chunky, and easy to make large brush strokes across the paper. Arthur especially loved noticing the details of the leaf as it was coming through the paper and experimenting with different strokes and pressure.

After the year we’ve had, I find having activities where they can really take pride in their work, is great for their confidence and wellbeing.

Leaf Shadows

I’ve never done this before!! It was so much fun to experiment with the leaves and shapes in a different way.

If you haven’t done it before, it’s so simple – just place the leaf on a piece of paper and brush the crayon over the leaf edges to make a pattern around the outside, leaving the centre black.

I need to help Eli hold his leaf a little, as its quite tricky to hold still for smaller hands. Honestly, their little faces lighting up with joy, as they lifted the leaf away from the paper to reveal an almost magical picture underneath.

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That’s my two super simple Autumn craft activities for you using Halloween Crayons Rocks! I hope you enjoyed reading about what we got up to!

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