Easter Craft ideas

Our Babipur buddies have been busy crafting away this week. We’re loving their ideas for Easter crafts! Easy, fun crafts to have a go with at home to celebrate Easter and Spring months ahead!

Natural Egg Dying


As Easter draws nearer, we thought we’d start preparing some Easter eggs ready for our Easter display. We were lucky enough to be gifted some of the ÖkoNORM egg dye from Babipur, so it was an ideal time to get started. The ÖkoNORM dye kit contains five colours – red, yellow, green, orange and pink. We thought this year we would try dying the eggs using herbs to create a relief design.

You will need: Eggs ÖkoNORM egg dye kit Herbs or small flowers A pop sock or pair of tights We decided to use flat leaf parsley to create our patterns. Carefully place a leaf against the side of the egg, and secure it in place by placing the egg into the stocking. After each egg is placed into the stocking either secure it with an elastic band or tightly tie it with string. Place in a pan of boiling water and boil for 7-10 minutes. Leave longer to achieve a darker shade. Remove carefully, and cool under a cold tap. Remove the tights, if you do this carefully you will be able to reuse them to dye more eggs.

The eggs look really beautiful, and are perfect for adding to an Easter display. We will be attempting more eggs before Easter, trying out effects with different herbs and we will try some small flowers too. We can’t wait to set them in our Easter display.


We had lots of fun decorating the eggs using the dyes. It was really easy with great instructions. Elisha who is 6 was able to get involved with most of it. We loved the dark pink colour and have saved some of the dyes to use another time!

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Spring flower pressing


Lots of ideas have been swimming around my head for our small Gluckskafer flower press now that there’s a lot more colour outdoors. We’ll be out collecting pieces in the spring sunshine soon but for now I picked up a little bunch of carnations in the bargain section of our local shop and thought they’d be great for making a petal mandala.

The press comes with paper and cardboard and after pressing the flowers for a few days they were easy to peel off and ready to use. A little spritz of water onto the window was enough to adhere the petals into position and our mandala/ sun catcher was complete. It’s dried beautifully and has so far stayed put and the kids are very happy with our new decoration!

Shop >> Small Gluckskafter Flower Press

Shop >> Large Gluckskafer Flower Press

Easter Colouring Sheets


My 2year old loves a spot of messy painting so we printed off the Easter colouring-in sheets from Babipur Craft Club and painted them with our okonorm finger paints!

We love painting with okonorm finger paints because of their thick, gloopy texture and that they are also non-toxic! The texture of the paints makes it fun for creating marks and patterns, and also gives the children more control over their art work as it is easy for little fingers to transfer paint from paint-tub to paper. I have also found these painting sessions easier to clean up as compared with our previously used paints!

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Download >> Easter activity sheets

Easter Sensory Puzzle


When it comes to crafts we try to reuse as much as we can. Sensory puzzles are a great way to repurpose those old Babipur Delivery boxes!

Take your cardboard and draw a shape on it, in this case we’ve chosen an easter egg and created some fun patterns on the inside.

Cut another piece of cardboard into strips, these will be the walls to your puzzle so the thickness depends on how deep you want the puzzle.

Grab your glue gun and start sticking the strips you’ve cut out onto the shape you’ve drawn. If you don’t have a glue gun don’t worry, you can do this with Babipur Tape too by sticking it down either side of the walls, it’s just a little more fiddly.

Next step is to fill it with your choice of filling. Here you could use dried foods or wooden toys, we like to colour rice using our Okonorm finger paints and then use that.
It’s great because it’s beautifully coloured so appealing for small humans and once you’re done you can pop it in a tub and use it again as mixed rainbow rice. Or even have a colour sorting activity with the children to separate all the colours!

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Easter Egg Sensory Puzzle! Making sensory puzzles is easy and they’re great to play with, as well as being easily adaptable for any age. All you need is a cardboard box and a glue gun! Simply cut strips of your box and then glue gun them to a bigger piece of cardboard in whatever shapes and outlines you like. A simple outline works well for my 16 month old twins, but I’ve seen older children playing with much more complicated designs! We use chunky Grapat pieces to fill the sensory puzzle as they’re perfect for little hands. Coloured chick peas and rice are great for older children!

Shop >> Grapat Mandala Pieces

Spring Watercolours

@cornish_rainbow_mumma has been creating lovely Spring scenes with Okonorm watercolours. We’re loving the yellow tones ?

Shop >> Okonorm Watercolours

Easter Egg Mandala


One of our favourite things to do to celebrate any occasion is to make something out of Grapat mandala pieces for it. For Easter, we decided to make a giant Easter egg! To get us started I drew a big egg shape lightly in pencil and then we filled it in. There was lots of lovely talk at this stage about colour and shade as we looked at each mandala piece. My rainbow loving daughter insisted we do it in a rainbow pattern but the beauty of loose parts like this is that they can be used in any way and still look effective, even when all jumbled up! To finish it off we borrowed some hay from our pet rabbit to make a big nest for our egg.

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Easter Finger Painting

Zee and I have been thinking about Easter crafts we can make. He looked at his crafting supplies and then suggested finger prints with Okonorm paint and drawing on top of the paint when it dried. Chicks, rabbits and Easter eggs were his ideas, which I thought was fab. All he needed was some finger paints, a piece of paper and a pen. He finger painted on the paper and waited for it to dry. Then added fun little chicks full of character, bunnies and patterned eggs. As well as a fun craft for a rainy (or not so rainy) afternoon this would also make great cards, wrapping paper or gift tags.

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More Easter Crafts!

We have lots of fun craft toys to enjoy at Babipur…

Fun STEM learning from Koa Koa and some great craft wall hanging and figure making from Studioroof!

Take a look here!

Happy Easter!

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