Chinese New Year Craft Ideas

Crafts for children to learn about and take part in the Chinese New Year celebrations! This year is year of the ox and Chinese New Year Day 1 is 12th February.

Fun fact: Chinese New Year is celebrated over 15 days, the main days are Chinese New Year Eve (11th feb), day 1-3 and day 15. The in between days are celebrated depending on your deities or Chinese religion.

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Big thank you to Liz (@mummyyof2boys) for helping us with these crafts!

Chinese lanterns, originally used as sources of light have become tradition decorations during festivals. It’s easy and fun to make your own at home! We have put together a template and instructions to use.

>> Download Chinese Lantern template here <<

Thank to Liz (@mummyof2boys) for these images
  1. Paint or colour the lantern template red.
  2. Cut around the outside of the template
  3. Fold along the dotted line
  4. Cut along the internal solid lines
  5. Glue the shaded area
  6. Bend the paper around and stick the unglued edge over your glued area
  7. Hole punch or cut out the black circles
  8. Thread and tie string and hang!

A legendary creature in Chinese mythology, the Chinese dragon is a symbol of power and strength and they are meant to bring luck. It is a tradition of Chinese dragons to dance a festivals as it is said that the longer the dragon dances the more luck it will bring a community and ward off evil spirits.

Thanks to Maria (@mums_colourful_adventures) for this picture

Make your own dancing Chinese dragon!

>> Download our Chinese dragon template here <<

To make your own Chinese dragon you’ll need tape, colourful paper (we think Tony’s Chocolonely wrappers work great!), 2 pencils/sticks and scissors.

  1. Colour in our dragon template
  2. Cut around the edge of the head and tail and fold in half
  3. Cut your colourful paper to a good size for the body
  4. Glue or tape the colourful body sections together
  5. Concertina fold the body
  6. Tape the body and a pencil/stick inside the head and tail.
  7. Let your dragon dance the night away!

Watch our video tutorial here >>

Giving money as a gift as part of Chinese New Year celebrations is one of the oldest CNY traditions. Given in crisp notes in a red packet or envelope. We have made a Chinese red envelope template so you can decorate and make your own at home!

>> Download your Chinese red envelope template here <<

  1. Paint or colour in your envelope red!
  2. Cut around the outside of the template
  3. Fold along the inside lines
  4. Glue along flap A and B and stick to the inside of the large patterned flap
  5. Leave the top flap open for money to be placed
Thank to Liz (@mummyof2boys) for these images

We hope you enjoy these Babipur crafts!

>> Download the Year of the Ox colouring sheet <<

Are you celebrating Chinese New Year this year? Leave a reply and let us know how will you be celebrating! ?

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  1. Emma Jones says:

    My little one will be celebrating CNY with a virtual party with his classmates 🙂 We’ve made our dancing dragons and the lanterns are next on our list.

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