Babipur Crafts: Paper Tape Lantern

Here’s a super quick blog on how to make an Autumnal Paper Tape Lantern. I was kindly gifted some pumpkin and apple eco tape from Babipur and my boys made the suggestion to use it to make lanterns. This quickly evolved into deciding to make a pumpkin and an apple for our seasonal display table.

What you will need to make the lanterns

• Some paper (we used old letters!)

Babipur tape

• Toilet roll tubes

• Sticks collected on the dog stomp

• Packing paper or yarn for decoration

Step 1

Simply cover your tube with tape!

Step 2

Completely cover a couple of sheets of paper and then cut out the strips of tape. Great for littles to get involved here; fine motor skills and cutting!

Step 3

This is the fun and fiddly part. Time to tape the strips to opposite ends of the toilet roll tube. Working round clockwise (or anticlockwise if you prefer) overlapping the tape strips as you go.

We used the little bits of overhanging tape from when we taped the paper (instead of cutting them off) or you could just use more tape!

The ends should all tuck nicely inside the toilet roll tube. The pumpkin/apple should become fabulously 3D now. Just go with the flow adding more strips where needed. 

For the pumpkin we used less (and longer) strips so it was open and bulbous. For the apple we kept them all neatly together to make a compact apple shape. 

Step 4 

For the finishing touches we simply added a stick into the centre of the toilet roll tube, hid what was left of the opening with tape and added some crinkly paper packing decoration to create tendrils!

That’s it, job done!

Babipur Tape

You can find all the Babipur tape >>HERE<< and what’s great about this crafty activity is that when the season is over, remove the stick (feed straight to the dogs!) and then you can pop your entire creation straight in the recycling bin. 

Alternative suggestions

You could always just use coloured paper or card instead of tape covered paper. Decorating the paper yourselves before cutting would look fab too!

TeamWorrall ?

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Huge thanks to Jo for this fantastic Paper Tape Lantern Autumn Crafts activity!

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TeamWorrall ?

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