Babipur Autumn Crafts: Painting Fun!

Huge thanks to our buddies and team for getting stuck in to create some fantastic Autumn Crafts to share with you all on the Babipur Blog!

In this blog we have featured some of the fab painting resources you can find at Babipur. Head over to this blog to read about some of the other Autumn Crafts our team have been up to using Felt, Modelling Clay, and More! If you fancy having a go at pressing flowers, Ellie and Siobhàn have some fun activities you can read about over on this blog too.

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Bubble Painting with Dr Zigs – Beth

We’ve been keen to try bubble painting with Dr Zig’s bubbles for a while, and the experience certainly didn’t disappoint! For our bubble painting session, we used:

  • Dr Zig’s bubbles, foamer and straw
  • Food colouring (you can also use paint) 
  • Containers for the different coloured bubbles 
  • Ordinary white paper

I’d been wanting to paint a rainbow with my 3 year old for a while. It seems like an iconic “2020” activity, but I had a premature newborn keeping me busy when everyone else was painting rainbows. My 3 year old isn’t terribly keen on painting, but he is very, very keen on is bubbles! So I thought we’d make a rainbow that way instead.

We cut large arcs out of paper, then mixed the bubble mixture with food colouring (you can also use paint). I let him loose with each colour in turn. He LOVED it, and had a ball. The colours of the bubbles looked very vibrant, though they came out in quite subtle shades on the paper.

I think paint would probably result in bolder colours, but part of the fun was letting him blow bubbles through the straw and I was worried he’d end up with a mouthful of paint! All in all, this was a really fun activity and I’m chuffed to finally have our 2020 rainbow! 

Lovely flatlay featuring Dr Zigs creation, Grimms, and Grapat

Face Painting Fun with Natural Earth Face Paints – Rosie

We had so much fun messing around with these Natural Earth Face Paints, I even let the toddler paint my face! The pots look small, but they are deceptive, there is actually a lot of paint in them and it goes really far.

The paints were easy to apply, I found them super soft to work with and really comfortable, even when being painted on by an enthusiastic 2 yr old! I’ve found that other face paints dry leaving your face feeling tight and a little uncomfortable but I couldn’t feel anything with these and completely forgot I had it on my face.

It was so easy to remove with just a reusable wipe or damp cloth and it just washes straight out of clothes. I love that these are natural, ethical and kind to our skin, they get a big thumbs up all round from us here. 

We’re big on tigers here at the moment so of course that is what we had to be but I’m really looking forward to some Halloween face painting too, although I would suggest going for the bigger, 6 colour set as green and black are really handy colours to have for Halloween!

Apple Printing with ÖkoNORM – Jo Worrall

What you need:

ÖkoNORM paints are fab and the colours dry beautifully vibrant. They’re made from all natural ingredients, perfect for small hands. The paints wash off literally anything they come into contact with, so no worries if things get messy!

We took a walk up to the local orchard and collected some apples. The ones that weren’t fit for eating we practiced our knife skills with and then got stuck in with the paints. The lids of the pots worked well to stamp the apple halves on. Or better yet just use your fingers instead, much more fun!

Apples are a symbol of Autumn and are perfect for some equinox themed crafting. The 2 halves of an apple can demonstrate the day and night being in perfect balance. Symmetry in nature… and paint!

I loved that I didn’t need to worry about protecting any surfaces or clothes and it was a great way to have some sensory/messy crafty fun using apples that were only fit for composting!

After we cleared up, we buried an apple in the garden as a gift to the fairies.

We’re looking forward to doing some more Autumn crafts such as leaf printing and pumpkin painting for Samhain next.

Autumn Hands Paper Wreath – Heather

I’m all for the simple craft ideas! This activity is so easy, and a lovely way to get the whole family involved in some Autumn Crafts.

For this activity we used:

We started out by drawing round out hands and cutting out the shapes. Arthur wanted to draw around the tape and cut those out too, so there’s a few circles thrown in for good measure!!

We put the Gift Wrap shapes to one side and got to work painting the plain hand shapes we had cut out. Using scissors is a great motor skills activity. Eli (age 4) ended up shredding his paper hands into tiny pieces so we made a few more for him!

The ÖkoNORM watercolour paints are so easy to use. They are made from all natural plant based ingredients, so non-toxic, chemical free and completely safe for little (and bigger) hands to explore. They wash off really easy so it’s no bother getting them on the table or clothes. That’s my kind of mess!

A little goes a long way with watercolour, and unlike other paints, the colours don’t ever get mixed up even when the brushes wander over the palette. It is a much more subtle colour, but creates a beautiful effect. The dampness on the card makes the ‘fingers’ curl upward which is perfect for creating a 3D effect.

Once all the paper hands were painted and dry, I cut a circle out of cardboard using two plates (inner and outer circle) to create a wreath style shape.

Then all that was left to do was stick the hands in a pattern – I used double sided sticky tape but you could easily use glue. The boys were super impressed with their creation and its looks beautiful hanging on out kitchen wall.

Huge thanks to Beth, Rosie, Jo, and Heather for sharing all their fun with us her on the Babipur Blog!

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