Autumn Craft: OkoNorm Finger Paints

We’ve had lots of fun trying the OkoNorm finger paints. The paints are very bright colours, we left out the blue and experimented with autumnal colours.

Not just for fingers!

The paints are very thick and go a long way. We used brushes and rollers to make colourful patterns in the paper. Jack picked up a pine cone and conker and asked if he could paint it. Of course! He then started rolling it on the paper and was mesmerised with how he could make bumpy patterns using different materials. He then started painting his hands and enjoyed banging his hands on the paper, watching how the colours changed as they mixed together.

Explore nature and creativity

More paint was put on brushes and pine cones and Jack enjoyed rolling them and putting patterns over the top of his hand prints. He was really engrossed in this and loved the tactile qualities of this lovely thick paint.

Paper craft

We looked at all the different leaf shapes we had collected and chose our favourite three. I then helped Jack and made paper templates and cut out leaf shapes once the paint was dry.

A natural mobile

I pierced the leaves using a needle and invisible thread. I hung the leaves at different lengths on a small branch. We decided we wanted to add more things so used real leaves, pine cones and acorns. For the final touch we used autumnal colour Grapat rings to add more interesting shapes. And ta da!!! Our autumnal hanging is now complete. We can add more to it if we like over time, or could do this for the other seasons too.
We really loved using the Okonorm paints and limiting the colours gave us lots of conversation about autumn colours and textures.
Thanks to Jacqui for sharing all the fun you’ve been having with Okonorm paints creating autumn loveliness!! x
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